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  1. RJS

    Need Fuel Sender help 1966 Satellite

    I posted a want ad in the want section but really could use some help. I didn't have a tank/sender or the 2 lower tubes when I bought my car, it had a fuel cell. I bought a new: Spectra Premium tank (CR14), two reproduction lower tubes and a new reproduction fuel sender. The fuel sender was...
  2. RJS

    Inner fenderwell bracket question 66 Satellite

    I put factory style battery cables back in my car today even though I have headers. My question is are these other two brackets used in 66? My inner fenderwell only had one hole to accept the bracket shown to hold + cable and bolt. *****Note not my car found the picture online.***** Thanks...
  3. RJS

    66/7 Dash cluster question

    On my 66 Satellite the only thing not functioning is the turn signal lights in the dash. Does anyone have a dash cluster handy that you can show the backside and where they are? When I let my fingers do the walking I keep pulling an illumination bulb in the general area I think I should be in...
  4. RJS

    1966 Satellite trunk question?

    I'm trying to get all the parts together for my spare tire. Can't seem to find a hold down bolt anywhere. Can someone show me what I'm looking for and the length? I assume it's a carriage bolt with a square section below the head to keep it from spinning?? Thanks Ron
  5. RJS

    Need passenger mirror mounting help

    I'm putting a passenger mirror on my 66 Satellite and would like some help maybe with measurements or good pictures from another car. Thanks Ron