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    Another Temperature question.

    I have read many threads on operating temperatures and overheating problems and just want to get some feedback on what Im experiencing with my mopar. I have a 1969 Coronet RT with a 440 six pack. I don't know what degree thermostat is in it. If I start the car from cold and let it run without...
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    Motor decoding and technical info

    Hello all, I recently purchased a 1969 Dodge Coronet RT. The engine is not a numbers matching motor but everything else on the car is. Colour codes are correct, manual gearbox, dana 60 and all the extras on the car are also correct. The engine is coded as a 440 but it has been replaced at some...
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    Hi, Im thinking about re painting the trunk lid as it has a few imperfections in it which are becoming quite visible. If I do this I will have to replace the RT stripe decal across the rear. 2 questions re this. 1. Where is the best place to buy the best quality decals from? 2. Do I go Gloss or...
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    My 1969 Dodge Coronet RT really creaks and squeaks in the rear over bumps and going around corners. Its typical old car rear suspension sound and quite noticeable inside the car. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of or limit the noises. Do I need to change the leaf springs or...
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    Looking for heater controls for a 1969 Dodge Coronet. Must be OEM. Used is fine but the writing must be clean and non faded. Cheers, Rob
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    Damaged order and missing screws

    I received an order from these guys just over a week ago. I ordered a few bits and pieces one of which was a centre console door. It was damaged when I took it out of the box as it was bent on the corner of the chrome trim. There was no damage to any of the packaging so to me it indicates it was...
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    Pistol Grip Shifter For 1969 Coronet Console

    I have found a pistol grip shifter for a 1969 Console B body car. I was wondering if anyone has done this conversion. I keep getting told that the pistol grip shifter won't fit the 1969 console cars due to the shifter hitting the dash. Here is the link. Thanks in advance...
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    WTB Mopar Chrysler Tachometer

    Im after one of these in excellent condition. Please contact me if you have one to sell.
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    Hurst Shifter

    My shifter does not have HURST written on it. Did some come released without the writing on them. Ive found a couple on the net that are period correct for the car and they have the HURST logo on them. If they came out without the writing on them then I may leave it but if its incorrect I will...
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    Period Correct Tachometer for my 69 Dodge RT Coronet

    i have the non rallye cluster that has the blank space at the end of the gauges for a clock or tachometer. If I opted for a stand alone tachometer does anybody know what was aavailable for that era or which were the most preferred ones to use
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    Power & Torque Comparisonsj

    Hi Newbie from Australia here. My car is in the welcome wagon forum. I have just purchased a 1969 Coronet RT. The engine & drivetrain arnt original and from the engine number it seems to be a 1966 440 RB. It's had some work done to it with a cam and original 6 Pack added. I'm trying to compare...
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    Hi all, just purchased a 1969 Dodge Coronet RT. I have many questions in the coming days so appreciate any info or help in advance. Heres a pic when I just got it home. Cheers.