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  1. LSM360

    1979 Cordoba Wiper Motor Question

    I'd get the Mopar bushings. Some of the aftermarket stuff is pure junk and you'll be doing the job again real soon.
  2. LSM360

    38 Yr Awakening, E86 ‘78 Fury 4-Door

    Wow an A38/E86 B body is great!
  3. LSM360

    1978 Fury

    They are one of my all time favorite A38's.
  4. LSM360

    1978 Fury

    I like your user name lol. Big brown car.
  5. LSM360

    May I see your 77/78 A38 Monacos/Furys? Please?

    Yes, I've read and drooled over the Hemmings car many times, thank you. I love the 74/75 Gran Fury too. As a very little kid I got a ride in a 440 A38 '75 GF. Remember everything about it, e.g. smell, feel, everything. I'd buy one of them too if right one came along, but mostly want a 77/78...
  6. LSM360

    May I see your 77/78 A38 Monacos/Furys? Please?

    I would love to see members pictures, assuming any own one of these beasts. I know they are not the most popular B body cars, but they are my favorite, and maybe I'm searching wrong, but I haven't found any here. Then I'll try and talk you into selling it :)
  7. LSM360

    I might piss a few people off but...

    I agree with the o/p. So annoying that dealer can't do a little cleanup and instead of "believed to be original 400", check it out for crying out loud!!!! If it were a private seller, okay, I'd cut them slack. And stripe looks terrible. And the hp ratings for that year were very respectable...