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  1. dvw

    I knew about driveline offset, but didn’t know this easy check. Thanks UTG!

    The main reason was for packaging. Sure it helps for weight. But with Grandma's /6 with the grandkids nobody cares about torque reaction. It certainly helps in a drag car. Though any stock stlye non tube chassis car will still be drivers side heavy. Along with engine rotation as stated it still...
  2. dvw

    Ran Sunset Nationals last weekend

    Goin rounds whatever way it takes. You were still better than the guy in the other lane. Doug
  3. dvw

    Went to the track Friday. What should I try next?

    Both Jeff and Tim Frees are good guys and great racers. Doug
  4. dvw

    Went to the track Friday. What should I try next?

    My experience with shift points. First torque flites have a pretty long time lag on the 1/2 shift. They don't slip. Just takes time to fill the band servo. The quicker the car, the earlier you need to shift to hit your target rpm. This time remains constant, regardless of ET. The quicker the...
  5. dvw

    Tractor Pull Weights on a Race Car?

    No prep set-up is clearly a different animal. Conventional weight placement isn't even close. As far as NHRA rules. Most no prep races could care less. My question is where is the insurance coming from? Doug
  6. dvw

    Went to the track Friday. What should I try next?

    Though the crossram isn't the best. The converter is off. I would think low 1.5/high 1.4 60 ft. I've had similar combo go 10.40@127 in hot weather. Though a bit lighter at 3450. I would think it should go 10.70's or better. Doug
  7. dvw

    Last One on trailer, First Win This Year

    Congrats, any win is a good win. It's not luck. You were better than everyone you beat. Doug
  8. dvw

    Freshly rebuilt 727 help

    In all the years I've been doing transmissions. I've had one converter that wouldn't move the car. I've had broken converters as well. But the car always moved. Earlier this summer my sons racecar had been having issues. Finnaly it wouldn't move. Pressure testing showed weird results. Pulled the...
  9. dvw

    Freshly rebuilt 727 help

    So did I miss it? Or were the results the same with the 2nd valve body? If the converter was bad there wouldn't be a difference between manual low and low in D. The converter doesn't care what gear seletion is made. How did 2nd, 3rd and R operate? I'm assuming you reused the original hard parts...
  10. dvw

    End of another season.

    Your car looks great as always. Watch those wheelies with no bars. Whompin Wedge put a real hurt on his car a couple weeks ago at Norwalk. Got the oil pan, diaper, bent the frame rails, closed the door/fender gap and messed up the new paint. And that was just a quick inspection. There may be...
  11. dvw

    Hate it when I red light by .001!

    A few years ago i was -.001 at Norwalk Friday and Sunday. 1st rd both times to the same guy. Funny stat. 4 times I've had people cut a .000 against me. I've won all 4 Doug
  12. dvw

    Made it to the semis. But made a run at the tree

    It wasn't a track issue. It was me staging out of the groove. 7 out of 9 hits the 60 ft was +/- .003. The other 2 were less than .01 quicker. For the most part racing was very close. Rd 1 was .011 stripe, rd 2 ran dead .004 and pushed him under, rd 3 .007 stripe, rd 4 a .017 to .057 light for...
  13. dvw

    Made it to the semis. But made a run at the tree

    Running Buckeye Stock Super Stock at Kil Kare in Ohio. Car was dead on.. 00x on every pass. Unfortunately went for the tree / centerline in the semis so it was an immediate lift of the throttle. Had a good light to boot. . Would've been a good race. Took 3 rds with .01x stripe. Good day of...
  14. dvw

    The Elephant In The Room: unloading the load from a B-body.

    When drums are machined they locate on the pilot (center hole of th e drum) and the face of the drum that sets on the axle flange. Once that surface has been trued up, then I'd trim the back lip of the drum stopping surface. That way thereis a known 90 degree square edge to set against the lathe...
  15. dvw

    A518/46rh trans build advice

    46 RH forward half is an upgraded 727. For your use a stocker should be fine. There are plenty of diesel guys using them. So there are upgrades available. Try Suncoast or Exteme Diesel. Doug
  16. dvw

    The Elephant In The Room: unloading the load from a B-body.

    The lug holes themselves don't need to be perfect. Thwy are just clearance. The drum is captured by the clamp load of the wheel. The drum centers on the pilot. I've drilled A body pattern to 4 1/2" with no issues. If the drum surface and rear edge were machined off the pilot correctly. Then the...
  17. dvw

    Rear separation

    If it doesn't vibrate I wouldn't worry about it. If the car isn't spinning tighten the rebound to calm the seperation. Doug
  18. dvw

    Mopar 528 camshaft

    Not sure what fuel you'll have to run. But I do know that Andy F has tested this cam with exhaust manifolds and states it is one of the best when using them. I'd ask him about it. Doug
  19. dvw

    Need header clearance advice

    Easiest way to make a perfect dimple. Loosen the header and heat it with oxy/acetelene. Then pry the header against the offending object. In this case the torsion bar. It'll be a smooth dimple perfectly placed. Doug
  20. dvw

    1964 Plymouth power steering issue

    Then just the opposite. Needs a manual coupler and shorten the shaft. Doug