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  1. yellow68runner

    MOPARS with Big Daddy Don Garlits Museum

    not to hi jack . . . . 413 max wedge car ,also at the Garlits show.. . . . . love the hood bracing delete :headbang:
  2. yellow68runner

    Hood latch assembly

    from a 68 roadrunner 1
  3. yellow68runner

    WTB 69 Roadrunner backup light glass lense

    reverse lights 45 shipped:icon_thumright:
  4. yellow68runner

    Caliper freezing up

    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? really ??
  5. yellow68runner

    Overheating problem big block?

    once the engine is Hot ,and after shutting the engine off,feel around the radiator to see if there are any "cool" spots indicating a restriction.I know you stated that the radiator is or was new,but when these cars sit for periods of time,scales or rust from inside the engine will break loose...
  6. yellow68runner

    how much is this gtx worth

    Judging from the pictures . . . . . . .
  7. yellow68runner

    WTB '68 front marker lights...

    45 shipped, p.m. works good too :walk:
  8. yellow68runner

    Huntin Manual Steering Gear Box

    got one or two myself
  9. yellow68runner

    WTB '68 front marker lights...

    the only 3 I have left,got a bunch of nice rear side markers too :icon_thumright:
  10. yellow68runner

    engine killing

    are you losing spark ?? have you checked voltage at the ballast resistor on both sides?? how much voltage is at the voltage at the coil ?? is your car overcharging ?? :headbang:
  11. yellow68runner

    No oil pressure

    how are you priming ?? what are you using to prime ?? :icon_thumright:
  12. yellow68runner

    What is this?

    looooooooks like a freeze plug with some sort of heater :icon_eek:
  13. yellow68runner

    Advanced Auto Torque Converter?

    and ALL 273's had steel cranks
  14. yellow68runner

    72 charger confusion

    welcome :worthless_thread:
  15. yellow68runner

    Starter or switch

    sounds like a job for mr. test light and mrs. voltmeter
  16. yellow68runner

    68 roadrunner grill

    road runner grill I have this one that came off a roadrunner I no longer own.It has a few scratches ,but no dents or bends and is very nice still retaining its original textured argent finish.It was replaced with a restored grill from all-trim in Oregon. {around $1200} but boy was it schweeet !!
  17. yellow68runner

    Spool or sure grip?

    sure grip there's no shortage of sure grips,not here anyway.It' s a money shortage.A local guy here has 2 or 3 clutch type with no gears from 275-350.just sayin :angel1:
  18. yellow68runner

    BB exhaust manifolds

    judging from the pictures . . . . .
  19. yellow68runner

    1969 Plymouth radio delete

    this attaches from the backside and covers the screw holes