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  1. Shenango

    WTB Used carb

    I am using a manual choke now so this carb suits my needs. If I see another carb or choke parts I will pass the information on to you
  2. Shenango

    WTB Used carb

    Choke is missing on this carb, someone fabed an arm on the side for a manual choke cable. I was going to search for the choke parts on ebay when I rebuilt it. $60 plus shipping is the best I can do. Jerry
  3. Shenango

    WTB Used carb

    I have a 4175 list 7002-1 I picked up at a swap meet this summer. I was planning on re-building it this winter as a back up for my Belvedere. I will let it go for $60 plus shipping. I can send some pictures to you if interested.
  4. Shenango

    Gas smell - wifey no likey

    I had fumes in my A body, not really gas or exhaust just a nasty smell. Windows up and no odor. Crack a window and the odor was there. Sealed everything from the engine bay to the cabin and no help. The great people on FABO to look at the steering column seals and that was the problem all along...
  5. Shenango

    How important is numbers matching to you?

    #'s matching only matters with my lottery tickets. 1 of my last 4 hot rods was original and in this area I couldn't squeeze the extra 2-5 thousand out of it that the originality should have brought. My current 66 Belvedere has GM paint, a hot 73 440, 73 trans and 73 410 rear from a Dodge. No...
  6. Shenango

    When to drill holes in the throttle plates?

    This may seem overly simplified but why not drill increasingly larger holes in the plastic port cap? Stop drilling when you are happy with the performance. If you don't get to that happy place just put a new cap on and you haven't done any harm to your carb. Just a thought. Jerry
  7. Shenango

    Music that puts a lump in your throat.

    The two songs that pull at me are "Last Kiss" and "Wildfire" but the two that get the volume cranked up are "Convoy" and "Walkin on Sunshine"
  8. Shenango

    Finally using non ethanol fuel

    I have to join the group that has never had a problem with E10 fuels. I know, over the 4 automotive forums I belong to, there is a large faction believing E10 will do harm to your classic. A couple years ago I did a non scientific test between my 75 C3 with a mild build 355 original Rochester...
  9. Shenango

    Finally a B Body

    Yup, been that color for 10 years or so.
  10. Shenango

    Finally a B Body

    My duty was at Pease in New Hampshire. Worked as an airfield electrician and power lineman. I am not sure what our FB 111 alert birds were carrying but I do know if you crossed into the alert area without authorization, you would end up on your face with several M16s pointed at you or worse.
  11. Shenango

    Finally a B Body

    Maybe I'll see you in Albion this year if they have it.
  12. Shenango

    Finally a B Body

    Looks like a quick ride:thumbsup: Post a picture of the '64 Pontiac.
  13. Shenango

    Finally a B Body

    I have had several classics in the past and currently have a 64 Tempest Custom convertible but I have always wanted a big block B Body. Yesterday I took delivery on a 1966 Plymouth Belvedere II. Originally a teener but now a 440 with a 509 Purple cam, 727 2800 stall, 8 3/4 4.10 Sure Grip. The...