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  1. Rolling Thunder

    Dewinged and nosed Superbirds

    I remember stopping by a small dodge dealership in Southern Illinois with my dad. He was checking out powerwagons and I wandered over to used car area to look at a yellow roadrunner with big ole PLYMOUTH on quarter panel. Superbird with roadrunner nose no wing…had plugs in quarter tops where...
  2. Rolling Thunder

    WTB 68-70 roadrunner metal

    I can’t ship but have some AMD parts I won’t be using. I’m in Illinois just outside of St Louis MO. - rear frame rails: $800 pair - shock crossmember: $300
  3. Rolling Thunder

    Max Wedge pistons

    Cleared inbox out. Sorry can’t help right now. Sold these back in 2016 I think.
  4. Rolling Thunder

    What did you do to your Mopar today?

    Bolted on trim
  5. Rolling Thunder

    Look what followed me home today

    Hey Steve. Gave it Clay after I took it off. Cars in Sweden now.
  6. Rolling Thunder

    Look what followed me home today

    I won't. We have stuff going on that day but I will for the next.
  7. Rolling Thunder

    1962, 383 cu. in 343 Hp Info

    Resurrecting this old post. Finally getting close to finishing my '62. I'm running the 343hp combo with a manual trans and 4:10 rear. Can't wait to see how she drives.
  8. Rolling Thunder

    62 radiator trivia ?

    Old post but have one of these radiators
  9. Rolling Thunder

    Let's see all the 62 B-Body PICS of your cars! Not many left? Let's find out!

    Love em! Kenton I remember that Dodge on eBay and wanted to buy it so bad. Great looking Plymouth you've got there.
  10. Rolling Thunder

    65 B Body front sway bar

    Message sent. Thanks.
  11. Rolling Thunder

    65 B Body front sway bar

    I'd be interested in buying both front and rear if you plan on getting rid of. Leonard
  12. Rolling Thunder

    Help with fender tag 64 Plymouth Sport Fury

    Does it still have it's front sway bar? Most if not all street wedge cars got one that I've found.
  13. Rolling Thunder

    Fender tag help

    Ed, each different plant used a different setup on their fender tags but yours looks like a lynch road version. (4th digit of vin should be 1). Getting to point, according to your fender tag your car came with the 365hp 426 street wedge (single 4bbl). Auto trans, economy am radio, heater...
  14. Rolling Thunder

    FOR SALE 1963 Dodge 330 Max Wedge Recreation

    https://goo.gl/photos/x7EUR4AFrjnd6TZM8 Video of car. Cars on eBay now.
  15. Rolling Thunder

    WTB 1962 fury door sill plates wanted for 2 door

    I modified and used 4dr pieces which are plentiful and cheap in last couple of cars. Unless was being judged or pointed them out was never noticed. Work and look great on the cheap.
  16. Rolling Thunder

    Found out the history of my 63 Dodge!

    No, still have for sale. But don't mind it sitting here looking all bad a55 :)
  17. Rolling Thunder

    Found out the history of my 63 Dodge!

    Asking $18k obo Not a factory max wedge car.
  18. Rolling Thunder

    62 Plymouth 2dr Sedan Comversion- getting ready

    Fenders back from the dippers.
  19. Rolling Thunder

    Found out the history of my 63 Dodge!

    Have my car up for sale and got a message from a guy asking some questions about and told me he thought it was his old buddies race car known as "Statutory Grape.". Raced around the Cincinnati Ohio area up into the mid 70's. Everything he said matched things on my car and when I searched that...