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  1. A-merry-can

    FOUND Looking for a set of 1970 coronet headliner bows

    Hey guys, I am building a 1970 super bee. The car did not come with headliner bows, and I bought a new set from Classic Industries, but they don't fit. The #3 and #5 are too big. If I can't get these to work, I'm going to return them and go back original. Just wanted to see what's out there...
  2. A-merry-can

    WTB 1970 clutch bracket for pedal

    Hey guys, I bought my 70 Bee in boxes, and just noticed that I'm missing the bracket that supports the clutch pedal and holds the spring in. (see attached pic). Does anyone have that little bracket laying around somewhere they would be interested in selling? Thanks in advance!
  3. A-merry-can

    FOUND 70 Coronet passenger door hinge

    Hey guys, mom looking for a lower passenger door hinge for a 70 B Body. Anything out there?
  4. A-merry-can

    WTB Looking for a 10 spline yoke for a Dana 60

    Hey guy, Anyone have a 10 spline yoke for a Dana 60 lying around they'd like to sell? Thanks in advance!
  5. A-merry-can

    WTB 1970 lower control arms with sway bar mounts

    Lost my post from last week! Still looking for a set of lower control arms for my super bee. Thanks in advance!
  6. A-merry-can

    WTB 1970 coronet front bumper brackets

    Hey guys, I just picked up a 70 Coronet, and it was a little less complete than I had hoped. I am looking for the main front bumper brackets, and a few of the grille bracket pieces. I'm not super familiar with the Coronet (Roadrunner guy here), so I'm not 100% certain what I am missing. I have...
  7. A-merry-can

    WTB Looking for door glass to quarter glass trim.

    Hey guys, I'm looking for the trim pieces that go between the door glass and the quarter glass, both sides. I think the window seal goes in it as well. My car was in boxes when I bought it and I didn't notice it missing off the windows. Thanks in advance!
  8. A-merry-can

    WTB Power steering pulley 70

    Hey guys, I’m looking for a power steering pulley for my 70 Roadrunner. The original is really pitted and warped (so much I can’t run it). Pic of my original attached. Does anyone have a spare one of these available?
  9. A-merry-can

    WTB 440 Pulleys and alternator bracket 1970

    hi guys, I'm looking for a set of pulleys and alternator bracket for a 440. I need the 2 groove crank pulley (no AC). Possibly a power steering pulley as well. I know I have one around here but I can't find it! This will be going in a 1970 Cuda. Thanks in advance!
  10. A-merry-can

    WTB Looking for a 71 Clutch Pedal Return Spring

    Anyone got a 71 clutch pedal return spring lying around they'd like to sell? I can barely get the clutch tot he floor without it! I'm referring to the spring that mounts from the top of the pedal under the dash to the pin near the firewall, not the one on the clutch fork.
  11. A-merry-can

    WTB 1970 Roadrunner heater blower resistor

    Does anyone have an extra heater blower resistor for a 1970 Roadrunner they want to sell? Thanks in advance!
  12. A-merry-can

    WTB Door handle linkage for 1970 Roadrunner

    Hi guys, I'm looking for the linkage and retainer clips for the linkage that goes from the handle to the latch mechanism. I have everything else. See attached pic for reference. It's the piece I colored yellow. I'm not sure if they are different left/right but I need both sides. Thanks!
  13. A-merry-can

    WTB 1970 Roadrunner rear market light bracket- Passenger side

    hi guys, Looks like I’m missing the passenger side retainer bracket for the rear (red) market lights. I believe they are not the same side to side. Let me know if anyone has a spare laying around. Looks like the attached pic, but for the passenger side. Thanks!!
  14. A-merry-can

    WTB Motor Brackets for a 383 going in a 70 Roadrunner

    Hi guys, Still going through parts boxes on my recent "project purchase", and I can't seem to find any motor brackets. I have the motor mounts (I think... large piece of rubber on a plate), but don't the motors require a bracket to attach to that before I bolt it to the K Frame? Thanks! Jordan
  15. A-merry-can

    WTB 70 Roadrunner Passenger Door Latch

    Looking for a passenger door latch for my 1970 Roadrunner. I've been able to get all of the other internal parts, just need the latch. Thanks guys!
  16. A-merry-can

    WTB 1970 RR inside door parts needed

    I was told I was buying a complete car in boxes.... I was wrong. (I know I'm not the first to have been told this). I can't seem to find any of the interior door stuff (latches, rods, locks). Any reasonable sets out there? Thanks in advance!
  17. A-merry-can

    WTB 1970 Roadrunner headlight bracket

    one of the tabs on my 70 RR passenger headlight bracket has some rot. Before I started any metal work on it, I thought I'd see if anyone has a clean one for sale?