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  1. Cojohnso1

    What did you do today....other than work on your car!?

    Watched Minnesota Twins clinch Baseball's Central Division. So now starts the 2nd season for 2023. Playoff run. Good luck. And good job guys.
  2. Cojohnso1

    The Meme not a Meme Thread Part DEUX

    Just a little "Robo" humor.
  3. Cojohnso1

    Driving in the rain

    I'll pull over if it's pouring hard. My GTX wipers are not that of newer cars. But other than that? My classic(s) are rarely out in poor weather anyways. But certainly not afraid of moisture.
  4. Cojohnso1

    The four letter F-word most folks appreciate...

    Yeah. I could have wrote that better. But that would have required more work!
  5. Cojohnso1

    The four letter F-word most folks appreciate...

    "Work" is the 4 letter word most appreciated by those around your efforts. But from your POV? It's just another 4 letter word that one has to deal with to get thru the day.
  6. Cojohnso1

    Wow Jets Fans! Aaron is gone for the season..

    We maybe seeing a changing of the guard regarding the AFC East. Jets were predicted to be better team this year. And not just because of Rodgers. Bills looked 1 year older. Vikes play Eagles Thursday night. Eagles didn't look as dominant. But Vikes may have even more issues. That game may say...
  7. Cojohnso1

    "Angry" new Rolling Stones tune

    It's not a bad tune. Certainly in a traditional Rolling Stones style. At least they weren't trying to rap. Or some sappy ballot.
  8. Cojohnso1

    The "I'm so old thread......"

    I changed out a master cylinder. I had my son do the engine bay work. While I laid underneath car to do the bleeding. It's easier on my back and body than hunched over engine bay. It wasn't that long ago I would easily perfered top side vs underneath. Not anymore. Lol.
  9. Cojohnso1

    Anyone never made a bad decision?

    I thought that once. But "What if its everyone else?" OMG. How do I fix that?
  10. Cojohnso1

    Anyone never made a bad decision?

    Is there really any such thing as "Good or 'Bad" decisions? Each decision effects the series of events that are to follow. What may be perceived as a bad decision at that moment? May have actually saved thousands of lives later in the series of that alternative timeline, had that decision not...
  11. Cojohnso1

    Anyone never made a bad decision?

    I thought one time I was wrong. Turns out I was mistaken, and was right all the long. That created a paradox to an alternate reality that we are experiencing today. You're welcome.
  12. Cojohnso1

    What does it for you? The old or the new?

    I disagree on the "Comfort." These newer factory performance cars have no room. Especially when comparing to a B-body. The hellcat like all today's perforamce is tightly modulated. Can't move much in the seat. And bells & whistles? Are just that. I have a cigarette lighter USB connector that...
  13. Cojohnso1

    "Burning Man" fest gets washed out for final weekend.

    I Googled Burning Man festival to see what's it all about? Even more confused. They're not there to attempt a storming of Area 51 military base? Or something crazy? They're just there to party, and promote their nonsensical art? To each their own I guess.
  14. Cojohnso1

    OMG, POR-15 will it ever come off?

    The stuff is pretty good on frame rails and thicker metals. The only way I've removed is by some light grinding. I would not recommend for any body use. Or any thinner sheet metal because it's designed to more permanent.
  15. Cojohnso1

    Thoughts on a hellcat engine pullout for $5500

    I agree. I would freshen up. Rings, bearings. Valve job. If you're going to gamble? Gamble with the supercharger. If it's long in the tooth? it will just push lower boost. If hurt? That's another story.
  16. Cojohnso1

    Thoughts on a hellcat engine pullout for $5500

    Not sure about that. The RB block short coming it's under stroked for its deck height. I've seen plenty 500+ ci that run strong for years. I have a B-block in an A-body with 440 crank to a classic 451. On pump gas. Ran up against 2 hellcats at the strip's test & tune. Once amber came on? Never...
  17. Cojohnso1

    Thoughts on a hellcat engine pullout for $5500

    I have the car for something like that. A '69 GTX. Very good driver shape car that's not close to numbers matching. Bought car 5 years back because of that. And of course at a non matching price. The guy who did this car passed away now coming up to 20 years ago. So any trail is cold. In fact...
  18. Cojohnso1

    Thoughts on a hellcat engine pullout for $5500

    Congrats. And hopefully it powers a Mopar once again soon.
  19. Cojohnso1

    Hello from Connecticut

    My jealousy cup runneth over. Very few cars and builds are at the top of the mountain. If it was a hemi car? I would have to hate you. Lol. Nice car. Nice work. And I'm very sure you will be enjoying the fruits of your efforts.
  20. Cojohnso1

    Hello from Connecticut

    Welcome. And some pics of your efforts are more than welcomed.