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    440 HP est opinion??

    I use performance trends on every engine I spec and build. I have a dyno in my shop and the program is very accurate, if you put accurate info into it. And for example it predicts cranking compression so if you don't know the compression you can do a compression test and manipulate the numbers...
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    Freshly rebuilt 727 help

    Mopars have the shortest distance in the bellhousing for converter length. Many race cars have a mid plate, and you have the converter built to account for it, a longer pump drive installed. I have gotten several performance converters that had incorrect pump drive heights. If pump drive is...
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    Freshly rebuilt 727 help

    Time to get a pressure gauge on it. I like the TF2 kits they work well, but one time I had an issue with a valvebody that had another brand shift kit installed in it and I did a TF2 over the top of it and did not recognize the first modifications and it acted just like you describe. I just got...
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    727A troubleshooting help...

    Put a pressure gauge on it. Chrysler did a good job gave pressure ports for every friction element. I have seen guys break the lugs off the front pump gear and it acts like you describe. Are you positive you have enough fluid in it? complete rebuild with stock pan is 12 quarts to my memory.
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    Leaking exhaust valves

    Not sure of the deposits but I can tell you most likely those exhaust seats leaked when the heads were new. I been grinding valves since 1975 and I have a vacuum tester to make sure my valve jobs hold vacuum. I have found a lot of brand-new heads that the seats leak. They are using cutters to...
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    727 Wont go on to second or third

    You need to put a pressure gauge on it to see what's up. If pressure is getting to the friction elements, then it is a mechanical problem. When you test drive it, run it up in D and when it does not shift let off the gas quick, if it does not pull the engine down, engine will drop to idle...
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    Setting axle end play on a 8 3/4

    With green bearings you don't use the adjusters. Just a plate to hold the axles in the housing. Green bearings are ball bearings, stock are tapered bearings, tapered bearings require preload to work correctly, the adjuster is to provide preload, just like when you tighten the nut on a front...
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    Installing a new flat tappet cam?

    I watched a YouTube video the other day and the guy did something that makes sense to me. installed the cam shaft, installed lubed up lifters with just thin oil, marked the lifters with a magic marker and rotated the engine, if the lifters spun in the bores while rotating the engine, lubed with...
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    Cam lasted 5 minutes

    Junk parts plain and simple. No OEM flat tappet engines for what 30 years? People building flat tappet engines are a very small market. People selling this junk don't warranty problems, so they don't care. Parts are built offshore a lot of the times. I tell all my customers to just go with...
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    440 short block

    Yes I would be. You can install a thick gasket to get the right piston to head clearance, on the tall ones, but then the other cylinders will be down on compression. The whole idea behind blueprinting an engine is that all 8 cylinders are exactly the same.
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    383 ENGINE TAP!!!

    Depends on the cam they purchased but a lot of the cheaper cams they take a stock blank and reduce the base circle to gain the extra duration, so the stock push rods then are a little short. When you assemble one you have to look and see how deep the plunger is depressed to see if it needs...
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    Great news then not great news.

    You have to make sure the throttle valve is being fully depressed at wide open throttle. Simply unhook the linkage push the rod till it bottoms out, and hold the carb at WOT see if the relationship is correct. Leaving the spring off will give it more throttle pressure , make it shift later and...
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    1969 Coronet 904 trans not kicking down

    The linkage has to fully depress the throttle valve at wide open throttle, and just touch the tip at idle, this relationship has to be correct. If the transmission was driven for an extended time without the kickdown hooked up, yes, the trans could have been damaged. The throttle valve raises...
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    727 Kickdown mystery...

    You are on the right track. If you have the trans oil pan off, you need to get the travel correct so that at idle the lever just touches the end of the throttle valve and at wide open throttle the valve is just fully depressed. If that relationship is set, everyone I have worked on works right.
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    Rear end whine

    On a test drive, if the noise gets louder the faster you go and remains when you slip it into neutral and coast down, the issue is most likely bearings, also if the noise changes when you gently whip the wheel back and forth it is most likely axle or differential side bearings. If the noise...
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    727 not shifting through gears

    From what I can see it has no kickdown cable. So it most likely is a manual valvebody. If it is supposed to have a kickdown cable and does not it will shift quick, and it is really hard on the clutches no line rise. If the governor is sticking when you back off the throttle when it won't...
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    Thoughts on this lifter/cam lobe

    I have been building engines since 1974, for a number of reasons there is a bunch of poorly manufactured lifters and flat tappet camshafts in the supply chain. I have told anybody that wants me to build them an engine just to spend a few extra bucks and use a hydraulic roller. No special oil...
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    Slipping in Reverse- update!

    From the view of a failed friction element the issue had to be the rear band. The other issue is that line pressure in the transmission when selecting revers is almost double the pressure in the forward gears. If your filter was partially blocked maybe the line pressures were not high enough...
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    70 B body 440 engine installation

    I agree that is the way it was done at the factory it will clear if you are careful. I built a stand to support the engine trans and K-frame with wheels, so it is easy to maneuver and have enough room to get under the car as you are lowering the body to tighten bolts. I will have to say...