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    I bought a Challenger!

    I’ve no experience with the Hurst in these cars, but check out the Barton shifter. I put one in my 2021 Challenger and love it! It comes with a pistol grip as well. Another huge difference was removing the Clutch delay valve…..improves the feel of the clutch dramatically. Awesome cars!
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    How cheap are the cheapest Challenger Hellcats now?

    Although not a Hellcat, I picked up a new Scat Pack, manual trans, for $6400 below MSRP last week. I like the old mopars as well, but these new cars are insanely fun and comfortable and powerful! Best decision I’ve made in a while. I know it is a big step down from the Hellcat, but for the...
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    Legendary interiors

    Has anyone ordered through Classic Industries, and if so, what was the wait time? I had heard mentioned in another thread that Legendary will take care of it’s big customers first……any truth to this?
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    Ways to fix vapor lock without a return line

    I have been reading these return fuel line threads for a while now with interest, because I am getting ready to reinstall my tank and fuel lines, but I can't get my mind past something..... I am not disagreeing with the fact that a return line keeps the fuel cooler by keeping it moving,.....but...
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    Phoenix locals...

    Great to see he is still at it! His pricing looks to be very reasonable as well
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    Phoenix locals...

    I met him a few years ago in his little shop he had in Tempe’s industrial area.... he is a interesting and no nonsense fellow who I enjoyed talking with. At the time, it was just him on his shop and I think he only opened his front door when he felt like it, which wasn’t much. His reputation...
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    1970 GTX on BringATrailer.com - not mine

    This car looks awesome! I have been looking at and trying to decide on wheels for past couple days and love these, but where did the seller find 16" Magnum 500's? I am guessing with a 295 tire, these must be 16x10? The only 16" magnums I can find are 8" wide.