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    antenna 67 coronet wagon

    where can i get one?right now its just the hole.i never got one with the car. it doesnt have to be factory.is there something cheap that looks decent out there?
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    440 and 727 question

    i just bought this combo.it was in a 2wd dodge truck. its got a long tailshaft trans and i assume a truck oilpan.its also got 2wd truck headers on it. will this all be compatable to put in my 67 coronet wagon? i know the headers are a longshot but maybe?
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    one lazy turn signal light

    one side in the rear of my 67 wagon is lazy. its much slower than the other side. i havent done anything at all with it yet but i was thinking of pulling the bulb and grounding a test light somewhere else to see if the test light goes ant faster. does this seem like a good start?
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    seat cover for bench seat 67 coronet wagon

    my wagon came with some bucket seats from i dont know what.it also came with a bench seat which is in good condition but its got a few tears and the fabbric is worn. it seems pretty expensive to recover it properly. is there a good decent looking seat cover i can put on it that wont break the bank?
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    longer rear wheelstuds

    i need longer wheelstuds for the rear of my 67 coronet wagon.i got new wheels and tires and i thought i was correct with the backspace at 5.5.but they hit the leafsprings.ill need to run about a 3/8 spacer.i already bought new lugnuts and would rather not go with very long studs and an open...
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    360 magnum build

    i have a later model truck 360 magnum engine.i see many buildups for these. have any of you done a good writeup on this? can i still get nice power from the stock heads? i would like to get 400 to 450 hp
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    67 coronet dash cluster lights

    with your help i fixed my dash lights by changing the headlight switch.(now the headlights wont come on but ill figure that out) my dash lights are weak and some are out. can i change them without removing the cluster or should i just remove it?
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    67 coronet headlite switch

    we put a new switch in my sons 67 wagon and it fixed the cluster light problem but he says the headlights wont come on with the switch now. anything obvious we should look for?
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    67 coronet wagon tailgate problem

    when we bought the car last year the po had the tailgate down so i know it works.we cant crank the manual window down at al. it just hits a hard stop. one of the keys does go in the lock and it does rotate about 90 deg but it still wont budge. we contacted the po and he said he never had any...
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    67 coronet statio wagon tire size

    its time to get new wheels and tires for my wagon.does anyone know the max width and height i can fit in the rear? its all stock back there and the body is not cut. i want the widest and tallest.i dont want to be dissapointed thinking i could have gone larger. i have 2 new keystone classics that...
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    may be a dumb lock cyl question.

    we bought a 67 coronet wagon with a manual rear window.it was down when we bought it and the po said he never locked it and it went down for him although he hadent owned it for too long.weve tried everything.the inside panel is off and we dont see anything binding.i think that its locked...
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    67 coronet 440 wagon

    i was wondering if you could help me.i just bought a 67 wagon .the tailgate was down when we went to look at it so i know the rear window will go down.now that we have it home i cant get the rear window down.the crank moves slightly then there is a hard stop in either direction.the window moves...