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  1. pedal2themetal

    brake booster check valve

    HI, 1975 fury, does the check valve just pull out or does it screw out? Black plastic valve. thanks take care be safe tim
  2. pedal2themetal

    Brain Fart brake booster question

    OK Here it 'goes, :BangHead: since I'm having such a problem with finding a Booster for my 75 fury and I don't want to remove it . Right now I've got the booster unhooked (Boy does it take a lot of pressure to push the brakes).. Here's the Brain Fart, Can I leave the booster on and unhooked...
  3. pedal2themetal

    Brake booster question

    HI, I found a Booster for a 1975 Road Runner, Charger/cuda. well it work on my 75 Fury...
  4. pedal2themetal

    1975 power brake booster

    HI, Ocaionaly car runs real bad brakes sisss when pressing them, I check hoses and all is tight and not leaking .. so I think the leak is inside as I can hear it siss inside the car. I am in need of a power brake booster for my 1975 Fury, I am having no luck , rock auto NO Napa NO auto zone No...
  5. pedal2themetal

    Front end alignment question??

    HI, I know nothing about alignments But I just had an alignment done at a shop and the Rt. Front still has some red items in it in fact one went from green to red? What would cause this. Twice its been done and some red was left on the left side.. the first time the guy did say looks like the...
  6. pedal2themetal

    Where do you look for suspension parts for our old 1975 B body's

    HI I'm in need of control arm bushings, strut rod bushings and maybe a power steering box or maybe a rebuild kit? 1975 Fury Custom any help would be appreciated Take care be safe thanks tim
  7. pedal2themetal

    IN Need of a porportioning valve for a 1975 fury

    HI all, as the title says I'm in need of a proportioning valve for a 1975 Fury custom Base model So far the shop has not been able to find one .. does anyone have a link to a kit or a valve some where.. Thanks Tim