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  1. 1967coronet

    Weld Drag Lights I think

    Just keep outward pressure on the wheel as you loosen, few turns then to the next one, Keep pulling on the wheel & going around the pattern until it comes off.
  2. 1967coronet

    Home made engine stand out of wood

    Nice job :thumbsup:
  3. 1967coronet

    Legendary Members

    You must be on your 3rd cup. :drinks:
  4. 1967coronet


  5. 1967coronet

    sent the wife away for our 10th anniversary

    I agree 110% A bodyman that can think like that ... well done eldubb, well done.
  6. 1967coronet

    Happy Birthday bandit67

  7. 1967coronet

    9-23-23 Cruise In at the Farm

    Thanks Ed, looks like you guys had a beautiful day for the show.
  8. 1967coronet

    New radiator tore up.

    The pitch of the fan blades is also something to look at. The more you set the fan back the more that pitch is important. The fan in the pics seems to have alot of pitch compared to my mopar 18 " fixed steel one.
  9. 1967coronet

    Unbelievable: Sold car now he want's his money back

    There is no way after a week of him owning it and now it will not run ??? Also after he did a in person inspection. Your smart in the cash deal aspect of this. Unless you gave him some kind of written and signed ( if your wife cuts you nuts off you can return it ) receipt I say your good. You...
  10. 1967coronet

    Replacing inner front wheel bearings

    If you are packing your new bearings with regular non synthetic grease and you did not have a bearing ( grinding or in pieces) You can take a couple shop rags and wipe out that cavity and replace with new grease. If you had bearing fail you will want to completely flush and clean the inner hub...
  11. 1967coronet

    Happy Birthday Dibbons

  12. 1967coronet

    I knew about driveline offset, but didn’t know this easy check. Thanks UTG!

    Bob's your uncle ..... Sundays 7 eastern 8 central .
  13. 1967coronet

    Stopping spam sales calls?

    How do you know the charge Roger ? :lol:
  14. 1967coronet

    Happy Birthday to Mike67!

  15. 1967coronet

    Llama Parebellum 9mm won't chamber hollow points but does fine with

    As far a shot guns go mine is a old 12 ga. Savage Steven's 3" pump, no rib ,older than me lol. For clays and hunting birds.
  16. 1967coronet

    Llama Parebellum 9mm won't chamber hollow points but does fine with

    Magizine lips, feed ramp , and the load components of each round. Bullet weight, fps, brass or aluminum.
  17. 1967coronet

    Anybody else have a thing for old tractors?

    Dang Roger !!! That is some cool iron.