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  1. pricer140

    SOLD NOS Johnson hydraulic Lifters.

    If still avail, will like a set for big block.
  2. pricer140

    WTB Throttle and kickdown springs (440 w/727 TF)

    Looking for 2 sets (throttle and kickdown) of springs or if someone has a box of springs they would like to sell. Am working on a 67' Imperial and 68' 300, both 440's. Been working on so long, have lost my springs. Thank you.
  3. pricer140

    WTB Scamers

    How do you report the scammers to the mods? I had one recently.
  4. pricer140

    FOR SALE Holley Hi Tek 64280 air cleaner filter base.

    Sorry, not a Mopar part and this is a long shot. I am seeking four base plates for the filter. Holley sells right and left side filter cover plates and will make a phone call for the base plates. I purchased these from a fellow not realizing the bases were not original. Suspect revised for...
  5. pricer140


    Its an unspoken bond.
  6. pricer140


    Mr. Tucker, my therapist.
  7. pricer140

    Little holes in the floorboard, repair or replace?

    I have used this product (or similiar from Devcon)for patching inside rear fender wells. Extremely strong and durable. Its not in a support area mind you, however given its strength, if it were me, I wouldn't hesitate for the pinholes.
  8. pricer140

    FOR SALE 68-69 Woodgrain wheel

    Look like two different wheels according to the spokes or is the image wrong?
  9. pricer140

    Towing on an open trailer. In neutral or in park even though it is strapped down? What say ye?

    I believe it is against regulations here in Manitoba, Canada as well. Not sure if its strap or chain.
  10. pricer140

    Can you top my 8-Track collection?

    Ok, all these posts peeked my interest. My experience was brief in the 8-track experience while growing up as I started driving in 78' and there were family cars that had the 8 track with seemingly no issues that I can remember. However, I now own a 78' Lincoln and 73' Imperial, both with...
  11. pricer140

    77 Cordoba Tilt Column in a 71 Charger. Will it Fit Without a Ton of Mods?

    Hi Kerndog, could you recommend what tilt columns would work in a 68' Dart?
  12. pricer140

    "Please S T O P saying this" thread.

    "just my 2 cents worth". or whatever the short version is. Its said, leave it at that.
  13. pricer140

    AMC Pacer X!

    After reading the posts, the more you look at that first picture, the more it grows on you. Our family came very close to buying one in, I think 1974-75. Ended up going with 74' Maverick which .. .. . . . . . Marketing was interesting back then.
  14. pricer140

    Comment by 'pricer140' in item 'TTSaleen's 1968 Dodge Charger'

    Whole project is excellent. Really like the wheels in the last few pictures. Not loud, or overly aggressive and flows nicely with the car. Would like to know what they are and tire size. Good work.
  15. pricer140

    Anybody Need Some 68 Charger Documents....Free.

    I would take them and pay for postage.
  16. pricer140

    The legend lives on....

    Life would be boring without these "strange old coot"(s). At least they aren't rappers.