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  1. pedal2themetal

    I think I got some bad fuel?

    Hi, Oh 75 Fury 318 Car was running like always.. I fuel up, go 1/2 a block to store parking lot.. start it when leaving and it runs like **** Won't idle missing and such make it home buy driving in second .. found a spark plug wire lose .. pushed it back on still won't run.. So I replaced all...
  2. pedal2themetal

    trouble with the seat belt light

    HI, I have a 1975 Fury Bench seat and the wire that goes into the head is shorting .. I can wiggle it at the head and the light well go off and on.. Is There a repair diagram Exploied view of the seat belt head that shows how to take it apart some where so I can fix the short?? Thanks, Take...
  3. pedal2themetal

    75 Fury wiper problem FRUSTRATING

    HI all, I have had this thing in the shop several times and it is getting frustrating. 1) wiper bushing broke (I couldn't get the motor off to replace them and took it to a shop.. they fixed them but the arm's weren't going back under the cowl. 2) took it back to fix, they said they fixed...
  4. pedal2themetal

    Winter blues for Carb Newbies

    Hi All.. I have come across this problem a couple of times in the past years.. and thought I'd pass along a fix to carb newbies. If your having cold running problems .. shutting off when putting in gear, shutting off when giving it gas and general not running well until it warms up...
  5. pedal2themetal

    Vacuum lines Romovel ??

    Hi I have a few lines I'd like to remove on my 75 5.2.. I do not have Emission testing. I have posted a few pictures of what I'm looking at I don't know what they do.. I don't think any are for the transmission I didn't see a modulator valve anywhere on the transmission. the items I want to...
  6. pedal2themetal

    canster purge line & gas cap

    Hi All, Working on my 75 Fury. Slight problem .. I re-ran the purge line. I put it into the air filter housing, but I am getting heavy vacuum in the tank when taking the cap off.. the cap does NOT say vented.. it does say take off slowly due to possible fuel spray. It is a new cap install...
  7. pedal2themetal

    Headers for a 5.2 (318) in a 75 Fury?

    HI all I have a 1975 Fury with a 5.2 (318) and I can't seam to find a inexpensive header for this car . I'm actually looking for a shorty so I don't have ground clearance problems. but it seams that they all stop at 74 and don't start again until 76 or 77 or are for BB 383-440 .. can anyone help...