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    malinois saves baby lake
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    Unbelievable: Sold car now he want's his money back

    I had one of my Chargers less than a week when I spun a bunch of bearings. Don't know what happened, I was just idling along downtown at 10 mph. (that's my story). Never thought to return it, I'm so dumb.
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    1955 Dodge Postal Van at auction (lots of Mopars) in Newcastle wy not mine

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    They look too healthy and friendly to be strays. They must be from the neighborhood. If so, it sucks that they are allowed to run loose. When it comes to cars, dogs are dumb
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    I'm thinking they have a home, but they like you and their people are not as responsible as some of us and let them roam. Go home tonight as usual, make a u-turn and sneak up on them from a distance and see what they do when you aren't there.
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    A note for everyone about micro chips. There are two different frequencies used and two different scanners to find them. One scanner does not find the other chip and vice versa, but there is a scanner that finds both chips.
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    desoto collection in Bismarck at auction not mine

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    36 Plymouth 5 window in SD not mine

    sold for $22,500
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    36 Plymouth 5 window in SD not mine

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    It looks like the overhead light is in his eyes in all but the last photo, which looks great. Actually, the last photo looks like vintage GSD photos I've seen.
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    Anybody use an Ultrasonic cleaner for rebuilding carburetors?

    People seem to like these. I have some albums I want to sell. They are in good shape, but still worth cleaning. People say they do an excellent job, removing finger prints and most of the popping. Sometimes the pop is a fly spec that comes off in the cleaning. I plan to use it for other...
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    collection of dry K-10 type Chevys at auction in Hulette online right now not mine, just now found it notmine

    Very dry country. They will have rancher dents and dings, but strong metal. https://mcpherson.auctioneersoftware.com/auctions/29570/lot/32430-1972-chev-fleetside-short-box-2-wheel-drive-inline-6-cylinder-4-speed-manual-vehicle-is-complete-but-doesnt-run-sells-with-title-orange-with-topper
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    there was a Cane Corso from North Dakota visiting at the dog park today. My impression was: He was a head strong dog and didn't seem to listen. Part of that is the Dog Park Deafness. It's as though they feel it in their soul that this is THEIR place. But watching him, he wasn't head strong...
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    Bull dog
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    How to determine build date?

    Does this reveal a build date? Have a title somewhere (and the window sticker, the 4 speed was a $187 option)
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    keep a kiddie pool filled in between you and the stink pond. My dream for one of the town's dog parks is a cement pond in a spot that gets the run-off from ball fields parking lots. A shallow concrete pool shaped to clean itself in a hard rain, easy to broom when it's dry, and a spigot to...