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  1. pedal2themetal

    power valve or bowl gaskets?

    HI All, I have a holly 450 QF sitting overnight both the bowls well empty, I can see a little puddle/stain on the intake. Carb is like 3 months after a rebuild from a Carburetor Shop. I have tried snugging up the bolts and its still draining? Do you think its the gaskets or the power valve and...
  2. pedal2themetal

    Problem with Quick Flow 450 flooding

    HI All. HI, OK.. first question.. if I only have 12ins of vacuum would a 6.5 Power valve cause flooding at idle?? Second, I've had it rebuilt by a carburetor shop. having a problem with it flooding occasionally and doesn't seam to clear out once flooded and runs pig rich.. Floats are set to...
  3. pedal2themetal

    Accelerator pump leak down

    What is it with the Holley carbs with the accelerator pump leaking down? I got a new 450 quick fuel carb and when ever it sits for a little while 30 mins or so .. when I get back in it fires right up fine but when I go to take off it well stall out (no accelerator pump shot) if I rap it a few...