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  1. dartforforty

    Carlisle photos

    Great pictures guys Thanks for sharing
  2. dartforforty

    Happy Birthday 1STMP

    Happy Birthday 1STMP
  3. dartforforty

    Happy Birthday 66ChargerHI-PO

    Happy Birthday 66ChargerHI-PO
  4. dartforforty

    Happy Birthday To Budnicks

    Happy Birthday Budnicks
  5. dartforforty

    Caught my eye GoodGuys Columbus 7/7/2023

    Nice pictures Thanks for sharing
  6. dartforforty

    FOR SALE Carlisle spaces for rent 2023

    It was always frowned upon to lease spaces
  7. dartforforty

    Iola car show 2023

    Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing
  8. dartforforty

    SOLD 62 dart 330

    Is that bondo in the left wheel lip behind the door?
  9. dartforforty

    Last Carlisle question I promise

    If you stay at the spot where your car is a 10X10 pop up will give you plenty of shade
  10. dartforforty

    Carlisle 2023: Tell us your vending spot or car you are bringing!

    I've camped on my spaces since I started going. Saves a whole lot of money
  11. dartforforty

    WTB 64 Plymouth quarter panel patch

    I purchased front fender patches from him Not good IMO
  12. dartforforty

    WTB 64 Plymouth quarter panel patch

    I found this 1964-1965 Plymouth Belvedere/Satellite RH Lower Quarter Panel | eBay
  13. dartforforty

    WTB 64 Plymouth quarter panel patch

    Check out eBay there is a company on there making some
  14. dartforforty

    1968 Dodge Dart GTS on Jay Leno's garage

    Not the best picture. This car had frame issues, made a good start to a back half car
  15. dartforforty

    GTO Stolen in Indianapolis

    When I drove home from Illinois with my son we stopped in Indiana I parked in a well lit lot and had a long enough strap down chain I wrapped around the k frame of the car, the trailer frame, my truck frame and the light pole. Secured it with a heavy duty lock No issues
  16. dartforforty

    George Tickner won't be down!

    R.I.P. George Tickner Great musician
  17. dartforforty

    An Argument thru the the ages....

    If it’s yellow let it mellow If it’s brown flush it down
  18. dartforforty

    An Argument thru the the ages....

    After being with my wife for 42 yeears, it is a habit I aquired early on in our relationship. She sat down on the porcelin in the early mornining hours half asleep and I heard her yell at me. Enough said The reason they invented slow close toilet seats
  19. dartforforty

    Etiquette Question

    I would say something, It may be awkward but I could not hold back
  20. dartforforty

    Sheetz Celebrating The 4th With Cheap Gas

    Wish it was that price the week of Carlisle every year