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  1. Lamadogg

    Thinking of buying a roadrunner

    Scan eBay and local salvage yards for a 383 c.i. motor. Also, scan YouTube and find channels of guys hoarding tons of Mopar motors and parts. There are several and may be close to you. Chrysler made over a million 383’s from ‘59 to ‘73(?). Try to get at block, heads, intake/exhaust manifold...
  2. Lamadogg

    Not my favorite year, BUT THE definition of the ULTIMATE representation of the "Roadrunner" concept as Plymouth described...

    My uncle traded in a ‘62 Vette for a new ‘68 RR. Drove it to show my parents. I remember him driving it up the driveway revving the 383 and honking the horn. I was hooked at 6-yrs. of age. In ‘78 I got mine while growing ip in OK. Paid $500. Now, 45-yrs. later, it’s still in my garage. Beep beep!
  3. Lamadogg

    Aluminum Radiator Finish

    Just purchased a 26-in. aluminum radiator from Year One for my ‘69 RR. I would like to keep the ‘natural’ aluminum finish. Can I simply install without painting or coating? Will the aluminum surfer any oxidation if I don’t paint or coat the metal? Thanks.
  4. Lamadogg

    Galen Govier...Is it worth it ?

    A great reference guide to decode fender tags, broadcast sheet, window sticker (or just general insight into options and other codes) on ‘69 RR is by Wes Eisenschenk who authored the book after restoring a RR. Great photos! (2017, CarTech publication, www.cartechbooks.com)
  5. Lamadogg

    Fender Tag Option Information

    Restoration is completed and has been for 12-yrs. (2nd repaint in 2008). As my first car when purchased as a 16-year old - now 60! Luckily, I possess vehicle registration documentation for the last 44-yrs. that references the VIN to provide adequate verification if/when needed. Check out my pics!!
  6. Lamadogg

    Fender Tag Option Information

    Thanks for feedback. Much of what you said applies to anything related to our hobby. Eventually, natural selection weeds out many of the lower quality products and services. After owning my RR for 44-yrs., I’ve been fortunate (and/or lucking) to deal with credible sources. The tag isn’t ‘mission...
  7. Lamadogg

    Fender Tag Option Information

    Sorry. G15 windsheild tint. Having fender tag recreated after losing original 25-yrs. ago during 1st restoration. Not official as they place some indiscrete characters on the replacement tag to avoid ‘counterfeit’ violations. Anyway, in process of adding options. Company I’m using states not all...
  8. Lamadogg

    Replacement VIN tag

    Old reply but thought I’d send in case still needed. In process of getting a ‘non-official’ but accurate fender tag after losing original in 1990’s during earlier restoration. Try MMC Detroit. Not sure of they do VIN but they have a wralth on info. see link to web site. Good luck! MMC Detroit...
  9. Lamadogg

    Fender Tag Option Information

    ‘69 Road Runner.
  10. Lamadogg

    Fender Tag Option Information

    Does the fender trim tag list ALL options for a car? Or, does it simply display the primary/bigger ones found on and ignore ones like J55 (windsheild tint)?
  11. Lamadogg

    Master Cylinder R&R Cost?

    Had my ‘69 RR master cylinder replaced with one from Summit. Just looking to validate cost received for the work. Pleased with the results but just want transparency on amount of LABOR hours normally associated with this project. Thx.
  12. Lamadogg

    Front end rebuild labor hours

    What is estimate in hours to remove and replace all front-end components/bushings (tie rods, ball joints, contol arms, bead blast and jet coat A-arms and control arms, sway bar, torsion bars and convert stock drums to disc set-up on ‘69 RR. Regular bushings used with parts sources frim Summit...
  13. Lamadogg

    My Road Runner is home..

    Post photos when done. Would love to see! Good luck!
  14. 1969 Road Runner

    1969 Road Runner

  15. Lamadogg

    Hello fellow moparians.

    Greetings! Beep beep.
  16. Lamadogg

    Hood Pins

    After much thought (for obvious reasons), finally installed a set of hood pins on my 69 Road Runner. Instead of using the existing inboard radiator support bolt holes, I elected to drill new holes based on the A12 lift-off hood cars. In my opinion, these place the hood bezels more towards the...
  17. Lamadogg

    Hood Pin Location - 69 RR

    Thanks for link to 'Lift-off' forum. Though it took a while, I finally installed the hood pins. Rather than use the existing inboard radiator support bolt, I chose to use the A12 hole location and drilled the holes. I must have measure a dozen times before drilling the top hood holes! I feel...
  18. Lamadogg

    New Member From Northern California

    Nice to see a four-door restored. Great looking!
  19. Lamadogg

    Hood Pin Location - 69 RR

    Thank you very much. Hope this works!! :hello2:
  20. Lamadogg

    Hood Pin Location - 69 RR

    Looking to install hood pins on 1969 RR. Not lift-off hood - standard steel with hinges. Does anyone have factory specs on correct hole placement? Obviously, will not get a second chance so want to get it right. Will purchase from Year One and plan to get 25" tethers based on ther...