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  1. shag766

    New guy here from Utah

    Beautiful ride bud. Welcome aboard. Shag
  2. shag766

    Natural residential gas

    when i had gas run into the house they mounted the reg outside against the wall. a bunch neater than a meter.
  3. shag766

    NO BULL; how fast was a B-body 383 HP car compared to a GTO or a Chevelle SS 396 car?

    there were some 63/64 galaxies around with the 427 side oilers in them. no 383 was catching one of them, no how. they ran with the big boy's. that's the motor they banned at daytona before the hemi's took over. the hemi's couldn't catch them
  4. shag766

    IF you had a chance, would you take a 1968 OR 1969 L-88 ?

    humph! good question. i have one of each now, 69 hemi coronet and a 70 chevelle 572 dart motor. if i had to give one up it would be the chevelle down the road first. they are both fun to drive but at the end of the day i will feel a lot better driving around in a hemi car. around here there...
  5. shag766

    NO BULL; how fast was a B-body 383 HP car compared to a GTO or a Chevelle SS 396 car?

    well i have had a lot of cars in the day from the mid 60's on up. mid sized town 2 main streets through downtown, 1-one way north the other 1-way south. friday and saturday night's were race nights light to light with a no gas car club at either end of the loop. north end was a & w, south end...
  6. shag766

    71-74 B Body Tremec TKO 600 conversion? BE ADVISED!!!

    thanks for putting this out there wookie. i have something very similar going on with the tremec behind the hemi in the 69. it is barely noticeable but it is there mainly in 5th o/d when i let off the peddle and just cruise or coast along. everything is new from the block to and including the...
  7. shag766

    Comment by 'shag766' in item '69 coronet 440'

    this car actually has a little humor in it's history on how it got here from the pomona swap meet. i found and bought a 1969 426 hemi engine in new brunswick canada and it sat on my shop floor for about 4 years waiting for the right donor car, believe me they are a rare commodity up here, lol. a...
  8. shag766

    Comment by 'shag766' in item '1950 f1'

    i inherited this truck from one of oldest and best friends upon his passing. r.i.p. billy it originally came here to canada bone stock from the kansas city area in the late 70's and retro'd in the mid 90's. still all original steel 5 lt h/o from a g-t mustang mustang 2 front end 9" rear with...
  9. shag766

    Anyone have dreams about their cars...past or present?

    i don't dream all that much anymore that's worth remembering but if i ever do have a dream about my car i hope i remember it and it is wet. lmao
  10. shag766

    Show us your FACE, your CAR and explain your screen name!

    the name is rick and i have been called shag as long as i can remember. there is only 3 pics of myself on this thing and 2 of them are my back, here's the 3rd. <<<<< 318 out _____________________________>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> hemi in
  11. shag766

    Oil flow or something else wrong?

    just curious, is the 273 still rattling on start up? i am curious what the fix was if it's not.
  12. shag766

    Nobody knows how much time they have left, right?

    very well stated. i am still on the fence with the, where were going having being raised irish catholic or dogan if you like, but 2 thumbs up on what you leave behind. i keep telling the 2 kids that if i do this right all they are going to get is the family overdraft.
  13. shag766

    Nobody knows how much time they have left, right?

    humph! a thread on mortality and a bunch of 50ish guys thinking about it, i wish 50. i changed doctor's awhile back, near 70ish, and asked some what the same question. her reply to me put it in a prospective i could relate to the best. I recently had to choose a new primary care doctor...
  14. shag766

    8 3/4 or Dana

    for that much h-p i would go with the 9" myself. i put a dana 60 in the hemi coronet and a 9" in the chevelle with much bigger power, both new from moser. definitely not cheap but the last one's i will have to buy. - i know i am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but why are looking for those...
  15. shag766

    Nobody knows how much time they have left, right?

    i pulled that grim reaper trick, bottom 3rd pic, about 15yrs ago at a 50th birthday party for a buddy whose birthday is a day or 2 after halloween. i had rented the costume for another party and then went to his 50th b-day party in a hall the next night as it seemed appropriate for a 50th...
  16. shag766

    Nobody knows how much time they have left, right?

    - lol, ain't that the truth and 1 pill twice a day.
  17. shag766

    Of all the city folks here who has heard gunfire near their home?

    X2 while there still is value in the area.
  18. shag766

    Who Likes Aircraft ?

    i can relate to the above statement by miller, "Dangit! Miss the smell of avgas and raw aluminum." i am not saying i miss it but i understand what you are saying. brother bought me a ride in this over the summer and you could definitely smell both. while i am here, the better half's nephew...
  19. shag766

    Friend Raises And Trains Labrador Bird Dogs Enjoy The Picture

    your right about it being the fuel both regular, straight hay, and premium with a ration of oats if they were working hard enough. i seen in the pic that the trolley track was still up there as it helps put a date to it, before square or those little round bale's the odd place were using. we use...