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  1. mike71ssp

    Vanity Question.... Bumperettes Yay or Nay

    73-74 worthless crap.... thanks ralph nader for that... 1972 lets kill the horse power,,,, 2015 lets go with 720 hp...
  2. mike71ssp

    SOLD 72 Charger SE Re- Posted

    really want the rear side window quarter mouldings..... 8704816759 mike
  3. mike71ssp

    WTB BB stroker crankshaft (B block main size preferred)

    try 440 source on cranks ,there the best.
  4. mike71ssp

    FOR SALE For sale 1971 Plymouth Satellite Sebring plus

    number one off the line 71 SSP only one with factory wing front rear spoilers very collectable... 1of 2 produced.... THERES RARE.... ONLY 2 PAINTED EV-2 HEMI ORANGE...
  5. mike71ssp

    73 charger headlight inserts? trim HOW TOO

    HAVING A NEW CAR IN PARTS EVERYWHERE IS CONFUSING. everything is rapped in paper from 1988 so far I'm missing a fuel line. paid $1,400 for car and 11 grand in reciets,,, figure that out..... underbody new/all floor pans, firewall, suspension, all trim new.EVERY NUT BOLT,,, FINISHING IT NOW....
  6. mike71ssp

    73 charger headlight inserts? trim HOW TOO

    would you happen to have pic of retainer, I have a intire car in boxes new parts. every nut and bolt, amazing find. FOUND THEM???? BRAND NEW RAPPED IN PAPER.. THANKS 440SE.
  7. mike71ssp

    73 charger headlight inserts? trim HOW TOO

    HOW DO YOU PUT THEM TOGETHER??? GLUE WHAT/ Not to mention crap fit.... any pics available...
  8. mike71ssp

    Barn Find B.S. Or What ?

    63 vette split window.
  9. mike71ssp

    1974 Roadrunner Quarter Panels

    they work fine, I crimped and glued mine, much easier and strong.... no welds required...
  10. mike71ssp

    Bucket Seat Track Question, what do I have here?

    that correct on that....
  11. mike71ssp

    Classic Car Insurance

    Usaa for military. Full coverage, towing, $20 grand $175.00.
  12. mike71ssp

    73-74 charger bumper emblems

    I go into pictures of 73-74 chargers and find close to zero "bumpers emblems",,, why is that?? Not to mention bumpers not being drilled out for um..... the small one for door....
  13. mike71ssp

    Opinions on new motor

    get your wallet out then.....
  14. mike71ssp

    1973 Charger SE restoration project

    Where did you get your vinyl roof material?
  15. mike71ssp

    FOR SALE "new" 73 charger se brougham

    100% all new parts, MISSING WHEEL LIP MLD. OTHER THAN THAT.. Nothing left out. LED dash/power 6 way seats/new floor pans and trunk/ and firewall, heater motor.... wiring all new, all chrome hand picked perfect....... $11,000.00 in reciepts. 400 motor 37000 miles,as is speedo, new interior/new...
  16. mike71ssp

    73 charger power seats?

    installed and found that ware outter track was, It should be knocked down a bit to slide over seat more towards the door, and away from console, EASY, OTHER THAT THAT ITS GREAT.... AND YES THEY SIT LOWER, AND MUCH MORE UP-DOWN/ BACK FORWARD..... - - - Updated - - - ADDED A PIC FOR YOU, AND YES...
  17. mike71ssp

    new member from Springfield MO Broke Axle is the name

    Mountain home Arkansas.... How many 73 chargers you want..... and what price range and condition wanted.
  18. mike71ssp

    73 charger power seats?

    it sits about 2 inchs lower/ plus power unit sits inside if original rails on seat,lowering it more... as I said, make 4 aluminum straps 17 inchs long, one inch wide, and bolt to original holes to keep seat in place. U will not be using the bolt holes on seat... they ride inside of seat rails...
  19. mike71ssp

    73 charger power seats?

    Seat will sit lower or taller,,,, called power seats,, all the way down not as high as oem.