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  1. Moparitis

    Ebay 1977 volare wagon

    Easy 10k v8 ac cool interior.. That tan one is UGLY tan /6 plain interior.. 5k..
  2. Moparitis

    1970 Dodge Charger value with no title

    NO Title can be PITA depends what state. But 5k+ for a rotted 383 that will take 60+k to restore... Lesson in futility..
  3. Moparitis

    Brand New 2nd Gen Chargers (kinda)

    Maybe the Abody Demon concept in person.. But still 400k maybe 200k and yes that is alot of fab...
  4. Moparitis

    $40,000 BIN! OK.

    I'll give him $40 & tetanus shot to junk it..
  5. Moparitis

    2 1967 Mexican Spec Coronets - Very Special Cars

    It always confused me why the Mexican cars didn't use the typical Mopar finned alternator...
  6. Moparitis

    anyone in Phoenix, Surprise AZ that knows this car?

    I live in Surprise... Mopar junkie for 40 years . No 100%expert but know what #s are etc . LMK if I can help.. its115° during day...
  7. Moparitis

    300 for 318?

    Tell him $100 or pound sand... 318s blah..everywhere... Nothing useable UNLESS you have similar year 318...so as mentioned above..
  8. Moparitis

    ALTERNATOR- Electronic Ign. 2 Flield Wire

    Plus I thought 69 was a "round back" alt?
  9. Moparitis

    Another 200+ cars at our Cruise-in

    Definitely noice iron... Looks like up North last show before Snow flys... Awesome
  10. Moparitis

    I might piss a few people off but...

    Is yours the green one in canada? Based in production #s and hunch if only so many colors and only so many GT ttops its an approximate but close enough.. Magnum website
  11. Moparitis

    I might piss a few people off but...

    Can't get link posted.. But I'm drooling over this 79 GT E58 Ttop Green.. Price point spot on... Cons: Canada & R U S T.... Qtrs,says NOT IN TRUNK Or you know where(ha ha)..otherwise great potential. 1 of less than 20 made..
  12. Moparitis

    I might piss a few people off but...

    Was REALLY interested in it,looking for ANY B TTOP /moonroof car... Then saw GT... But no tag pics? U G L Y Gt striping,way across in Tampa I'm semi retired in Phoenix ,then saw cut out on bottom of rad support was starting to get leary...wish it was the uber rare P code. So for maybe 7500 I'd...
  13. Moparitis

    Should this turd be saved....

    Get real.. This hobby is as wacko as what's going on in our streets. It's a wasted 71 turd 318 part it out and grow a pair... Now if it was a V code then save it..
  14. Moparitis

    Which Charger should get 5.7 Hemi engine.

    Too much hassle to put GEN III into old iron.. Sure can be done but at what cost and then you should put in a 6.4...
  15. Moparitis

    If you could have any Charger, which one would you pick?

    70 front/ with door scoops 68 tail lights 440 AC 727 FM3 black gut/top Console hood signals & stripes 391s sure grip..
  16. Moparitis

    Phoenix Hemi Mopar Show

    How wad swap/cars 4 sale?
  17. Moparitis

    AMD discontinuing Mopar parts

    GYC wont touch any of these"discoed" items,if it's not order it they can't do it... Otherwise you'd see D series or F bodys or Late 70s Bs..
  18. Moparitis

    Man, it’s hard to find quality hose today

    NAPA Makes hydraulic hose and puts on the fittings.. NAPA has EVERYTHING
  19. Moparitis

    STOCK means STOCK

    Get off MY lawn...