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  1. flyingfeathers

    8 3/4 489 Case Suregrip 3:23 Gear Pattern

    What are those gouges on the posi case just curious ?
  2. flyingfeathers

    FOR SALE Master Cylinder Related Parts

    mopar john #4 in the pic does does that rod have some kind of rubber bushings with it i am in the process of changing my m/c when i pulled it out looks like something was missing on the front of the shaft it was very hard to pull out bushings etc thanks
  3. flyingfeathers

    SOLD 1968 Bucket Seats $1500 OBO

    I think its a little ..little pricey more like 200.00 for both just my opinion!
  4. flyingfeathers

    Running out of aftermarket gauge room? Here's something different...

    The dash looks much cleaner without gauges hanging down and taking up space unless its a pure race car! :luvplace:
  5. flyingfeathers

    Got the Classic Backyard Buddy 4 post lift installed today...

    you gotta love some of these replies !:luvplace:
  6. flyingfeathers

    Looking for 69 roadrunner

    Guys why dont you put the vin # in mopar collector guide you got a hellva better chance to find it or any other mag thats how i got mine back good luck! :thumbsup:
  7. flyingfeathers

    FOR SALE 1970 plymouth road runner partout

    where abouts in MD are you I use to live in westminster
  8. flyingfeathers

    black thumb buttons

    my 68 had black buttons also late half year model !
  9. flyingfeathers

    Got the Classic Backyard Buddy 4 post lift installed today...

    you can do it with 10ft ceiling with back yard buddy better than rolling around on the floor! :thumbsup:
  10. flyingfeathers

    Real life numbers on a 7000# Advantage Classic Backyard Buddy 4 post lift and accessories...

    can go wrong with back yard buddy even with 10 foot ceiling !
  11. flyingfeathers

    Oil around valve cover filler cap

    Just run a breather cap on the pass side and universal pvc from the driver side with the hose from the pvc to the front of the carb no need for hose to the air cleaner!
  12. flyingfeathers

    Time slips from Duct Tape Drags

    Well guys my street racing days started when my factory warrranty ran out a friend said you should start racing thats when he said let me show how to shift that 4 speed !. I raced on the street for about 2 years because i had a lot of close calls with cops almost got my car impounded from then...
  13. flyingfeathers

    Got My New Race Car From Detroit

    Lucky dog, man if only!:thumbsup:
  14. flyingfeathers

    Not a B body. But something to keep me busy

    Very nice piece keep up the good work:thumbsup:
  15. flyingfeathers

    Line lock- on rear brakes?

    I always though that line loc was for 4 speed guys that control rolling through the lights so you can short stage. To each his own you burnout box should be plenty to get the tires hot!:thumbsup:
  16. flyingfeathers

    Console for 69 Charger - Had to resort to building one

    you did a fine job my good man! :thumbsup: need pics
  17. flyingfeathers

    1971-1972 Roadrunners hitting the market for crazy prices!!!

    if you are dumb enough to pay that kind of money for that runner when their are plenty more out their available for much less!!!!!!!!!!!!:praying:
  18. flyingfeathers

    Running out of aftermarket gauge room? Here's something different...

    no not good always try to find a flat surface if its 68 or 69 maybe this would work :thumbsup:
  19. flyingfeathers

    Original '64 Dick Landy on Ebay

    I agree with budnicks i hammer the **** out of it and love every minute of it!!!!!!! who wants to just look at it you can't take it to the grave with you! those kind of people don't appreciate a rear race car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:praying:
  20. flyingfeathers

    New member leaving the “dark” side.

    I was a GN guy a long time had one a long time "86" really missed it had to sell when i moved to florida no room. :thumbsup: