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  1. Topher

    electronic gauges Charger converstion

    Speedhut Gauges has done a nice job of mimicking the original gauges. These have a lifetime warranty, come with harnesses and sending units. GPS speedometer is an option.
  2. Topher

    Wire removal from wiper motor

    The motor needs to be taken apart and the harness replaced from where it attaches to the magnet wire.
  3. Topher

    Heater Box

    No. It's what I do for a living.
  4. Topher

    Heater Box

    I rebuilt it.
  5. Topher

    Pitman arm question

    Have the alignment done. My car drove straight, didn't wander and the toe was off a little. Made a difference in the way it drives.
  6. Topher

    Mopar at the Rock (Rockingham, NC)

    I'm attending the Rockingham show this year. I'll have a few wiper and headlight motors with me.
  7. Topher

    A/C Ductwork

    Are you still needing this part?
  8. Topher

    headlight noise

    Could be the bushing, or the shaft coming out of the motor. I've got new bushings and I can rebuild your motors if needed. Do you have a service manual suppliment(66) or a service manual for the car(67)?
  9. Topher

    Heater Box

    I restored my heater box and blower motor today. I used Rustoleum's Hammered paint for the rear tins, PPG's ALK 200 on the front one. Detroit Muscle Technologies has a great kit.
  10. Topher

    Wandered through Ivester's yard today.

    Looking for a blower motor for a customer. There was some interesting sights to see.
  11. Topher

    67 L code 4 speed project?

    Couldn't open the door.
  12. Topher

    Looking for wiper motor / switch diagnosis / rebuild.

    I can help you. I restore the motors and can rebuild the switches. You can give me a call, text or send an email. 980 329 5938 [email protected] Topher
  13. Topher

    67 L code 4 speed project?

    Love a Fastback!
  14. Topher

    67 L code 4 speed project?

    He's near Shelby NC. I believe this would classify as a huge project. I spoke with a fellow this afternoon with a '67 L code automatic car, he said he's thinking of selling it. I rebuilt his headlight motors, and did some gauge work while the car was here last summer.
  15. Topher

    67 L code 4 speed project?

    Ok. I'm going back over there Friday.
  16. Topher

    67 L code 4 speed project?

    This is an L code 4 speed car in North Carolina. Poor thing is in sad shape.
  17. Topher

    The Dawg

    That's on the agenda. I'm tired of scooping gravel every time I leave the house I think Summit or maybe even Coker offered a 15" wheel with a 14" ring welded/balanced to do exactly what you're wanting.
  18. Topher

    The Dawg

    The car has the later model 11" rotors on the front now. I'd like to pretty them up. I like dog dishes too, but I don't want it to look like someone else's car either.
  19. Topher

    The Dawg

    Doing some maintenance and minor repairs on the Ole Girl before cruising season sets in. Thinking of changing up the wheels which leads me into thinking I may want to upgrade the brakes. What's the best choice?