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  1. Smhemi

    hi everyone new to group have 66 Hemi Coronet

    Jbhemi send me a private message with your Vin #. I might have the original certicard that came with that car.You can have it if it's for your car.
  2. Smhemi

    WTB NOS 67 headlight bezel

    Thanks for looking
  3. Smhemi

    WTB NOS 67 headlight bezel

    That's the right side need the left thanks
  4. Smhemi

    WTB NOS 67 headlight bezel

    Looking for NOS 67 rt drivers side headlight bezel part # 2582311
  5. Smhemi

    WTB 67 coronet or charger rocker moldings

    Got mine from Van's auto stainless steel like the originals. Couldn't tell the difference between the originals and theres.There out of stock though.I Believe classic industries are aluminum.
  6. Smhemi

    What clip is missing?

    I think its the same clip Dan that you are using
  7. Smhemi

    WTB 1967 Coronet Hood latch

    Need a hood latch for my 1967 coronet Thanks
  8. Smhemi

    1967 426 Hemi Coronet, value ?

    This just sold at mecum in January
  9. Smhemi

    FOUND Hemi Throw Out collar wanted

    I got mine from passion performance he modifys a 440 to work on a 426
  10. Smhemi

    WTB 66 Hemi Kmember

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/362737223722?hash=item5474d2c82a:g:JKMAAOSw7eldZEMH Not mine
  11. Smhemi

    WTB 67 coronet armrest pad

    Thanks I got repos I want original one
  12. Smhemi

    WTB 67 coronet armrest pad

    Need a drivers side 13 in. black armrest pad for my 67 coronet.
  13. Smhemi

    Lets see all the cool 66-67 b-body mopar pictures.!!

    Heres my 67 will be at the Mr Norms display at Carlisle
  14. Smhemi

    FOUND Factory Tach for 1966 Plymouth Satellite

    I have one message me if interested
  15. Smhemi

    1966 Hemi Coronet 500 Certicard

    Thats not my video .That video popped up when i was watching youtube and I was like wow I have a certicard for a car just like that.
  16. Smhemi

    1966 Hemi Coronet 500 Certicard

    I noticed in the youtube video also that his licence plate frame Elk Valley Dodge im guessing thats where the car was originally bought from is not that far away from where the original owner was from according to the certicard.
  17. Smhemi

    1966 Hemi Coronet 500 Certicard

    I have a certicard for a 1966 hemi coronet 500. The car is white auto with red interior.If your on this web site and can prove its yours its free .It may be this car