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    Hemi Gen 2 vs Gen 3

    I have been going back and forth on this one for the last 6 months, and still haven't made a decision. I see the pros and cons of both, for my 68 Roadrunner. To keep it bare bones basic on the Gen 3, you can buy a complete drop out, and get literally every piece you need (don't know if I can...
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    Direct Connection Lightweight Hemi VCs.

    Sounds like most would just use em for the same thing I am (wall art) so looks like I may just finish polishing them and get them on the wall! They aren't perfect, but atleast they are complete. Thanks for all the responses!
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    Direct Connection Lightweight Hemi VCs.

    So, wasn't sure what forum to put this in, but here goes. One of the things I did find, (probably already guessed by the title) I am realizing are pretty damn rare. I found a pair of the Direct Connection Lightweight stamped Hemi Valve Covers. Was planning on cleaning and polishing them up a...
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    socket holders for top tray of a roller?

    I use the Hansen Global Socket trays. Have 2 sets of them, for all my sockets. Hansen Global 92000 SAE & Metric,... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001C6NL52?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
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    New Quincy QT-54 Air Compressor 2V41C60VC

    Been looking for a compressor upgrade, and these have been popping up on my radar lately! Glad to hear real world feedback!
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    Lisle 22800 Wheel Stud Installer

    Used the same installer recently and it definitely made quick, and easy work of installing the studs!
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    68 RM23 Roadrunner, The rebuild of an old friend

    Oof, I couldn't imagine doing it by hand! A rotary with a rayon pad is ideal, and even with a forced rotation DA, both have worked great for me. Even had to dramatically diminish a windshield scratch, that was caused by the wiper arm running on the glass with no blade. I specifically use...
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    68 RM23 Roadrunner, The rebuild of an old friend

    Out of curiosity, what product and process are you using on the glass? I'm a pro detailer, and have some experience in the glass polishing world.
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    68 Roadrunner.. The project has begun

    Thank you! Mine is also an RM21, 383 4 Speed. After some research, looks like it was originally a silver and black bench.
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    68 Roadrunner.. The project has begun

    Thanks everyone! I have pics from about the time I learned to walk, either in the car, or later working on it. Definitely alot of memories! Also, finally got the rest of the parts home, and found the fender tag!! I haven't deciphered it all yet, bit I definitely know what EE-1 means! Sealed the...
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    Modern Bullitt build

    Followed the build from the beginning, and looked forward to updates! It also gave me a direction to go with my Roadrunner, which I am finally getting started on.
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    68 Roadrunner.. The project has begun

    Dad bought the car in the mid 70s. I won't bore everyone with the details. 2006: Car was painted by a complete hack. Dad was crushed and put it on the back burner. He passed away in 2017. 2021; Earlier this month, I got it back to my house, got it's first bath and it was probably near as...
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    FS: Fresh 440 Longblock, in SoCAL.

    UPDATE: Block Casting Date: 3-21-70 Block Casting Number: 2538430 Block Stamped ID Numbers: G440 7 - 13 - 2 (Originally assembled 1971) Head Casting Number: 2406516 2800.00 OBO OPEN TO OFFERS!!
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    FS: Fresh 440 Longblock, in SoCAL.

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    FS: Fresh 440 Longblock, in SoCAL.

    NEW PRICE: 3000.00!! This thing NEEDS to go!
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    WTB: 440 Block

    I know it isnt quite local, but its just about ready to be dropped in: http://www.forbbodiesonly.com/moparforum/showthread.php?t=25731 If i remember right, its an early 70s block (want to say 72, but not 100% sure). Just about everything is brand new except the rods, crank, block and head...
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    FS: Fresh 440 Longblock, in SoCAL.

    Price is NOT set in stone!!! May consider parting it out, if someone is interested in the shortblock!
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    FS: Fresh 440 Longblock, in SoCAL.

    Up for sale is my Dad's fresh 440 Long Block. 4000.00 OBO Fresh rebuild, with NO run time.. Has just been sitting since being rebuilt. Oiled, and covered the entire time, still looks brand new. Most parts are brand new, Includes: Chrome Timing Cover Pro Race Damper Chrome Mopar Fuel...
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    Lets see your tattoos

    I have a few tattoos, but heres a shot of my calf when it was originally done. I had some text added after this pic was taken. All Gave Some, Some Gave All
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    Newb with Go Mango 68 Roadrunner.

    Thanks for the info! Its actually not the original Vitamin C. Its the Tangerine Pearl Clearcoat (also called Go ManGo, paint code PVE i believe) used on the 06/07 Dodge Daytona Chargers/Rams.