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    WTB Drivers side post car glass

    There has been a couple on Ebay just recently. Contact me if you can't find it.
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    WTB 1970 Coronet RT or 500 quarter panel extension

    I need the right rear/passenger side quarter panel extension. It needs to be nearly perfect. Let me know your price and send pics. Will need it shipped to me. Thx.
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    WTB 1970 Coronet misc parts

    1) Anybody have a dozen or so extra 70 Coronet grille screws? 2) I also need two of the bolts that hold the bracket on that goes between the K member and radiator support it is 1/4" x 20 x1 3/16" long small washer hex head 3) black A pillar molding driver's side for 70 Coronet 4) tinted driver's...
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    FOR SALE 68- 70 B body sun visors

    I have a pair of sun visors that are correct for 68 70 Dodge B bodies. These are the B7 blue interior color very good condition. Will need the rubber buttons and clean up of the mounting bracket. $75 for the pair. Plus $25 for the ride
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    FOR SALE 69-70 B body 3 speed wiper motors

    I have two extra wiper motors for sale. Look at pics for numbers and dates Each is $150 and $16 for the ride. Both are cores. Look like they are in working condition but I did not test. Part number 2983116
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    1968 Coronet quarter skins,

    I have a pair of AMD quarter skins for sale. These are for a 68 Coronet or with side maker light modification could be used on a 69. These were cut from full AMD quarters at 3/4" down from the top of the side. They both are perfect $700 for the pair. I would prefer local pick up. Possible...
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    FOR SALE B or E body K member coins

    I needed a coin for my k member project so I made one and eight extras. I am offering the 8 for $25 each shipped. Tell me what you want stamped on it. As you can see they are the round type. The diameter and thickness match my old one. These won't be concours, but these are dam close. Message...
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    Who's got the coins?

    I need a coin stamped with "79". I have a 70 Coronet RT 440 4 and a new skid plate
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    1970 6 pac K member

    I am interested in a 70 skid plate and a #79 coin.
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    Who's got the coins?

    I am looking to find if someone is making the coins that go on the K members. I have read some very old post about it but it's been a while and I thought I should ask. Or I need the 1/2" large number metal stamps and I can make one myself.
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    FOUND 70 B body U bolt nuts

    O k I'll try that. Gotta luv that internet. Thank you
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    FOUND 70 B body U bolt nuts

    Same appearance and original height
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    FOUND 70 B body U bolt nuts

    I'm looking for 16 pieces of the original rear axle U bolt nuts and washers. Plz no rusty stuff I already have that. Thx.
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    WTB 70 Coronet trunk gutters

    I'm looking for a pair of 70 Coronet trunk gutter corners. These spot weld directly to the tail panel. Two door or four door doesn't matter. No junk please I have that already.
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    WTB 1970 B body 8 3/4 housing

    I'm looking for an 8 3/4 70 B body rear end housing that is about 99% rust free. I don't want pits after sand blasting. If you can help send me pics and a price. 70 B body housings are 54 15/16" from flange to flange measured across the front. I will most likely need it shipped. Thx.
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    SOLD 68 70 B body AM 8 track wiring

    I have for sale an original AM 8 track wiring harness, this appears to be a partial to the main harness # 2926402 connections needs cleaning, no damage. $65. I'll pay the shipping from 13027 central N Y.
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    FOR SALE 1970 Dodge Coronet 4 Door Parts Car - Good Quarters

    I really need that rear frame, especially if you says it's perfect. It will save a two tone 70 Coronet RT. When will you know if you will cut it up?
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    FOR SALE 1970 Dodge Coronet 4 Door Parts Car - Good Quarters

    When will you know about cutting the rear frame out? I really need it you say it's perfect. That's what I want. It will save a two tone 70 RT
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    WTB Rear frame assembly

    Your correct but also the hole where the filler neck goes through the rear cross member
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    FOR SALE 1970 Dodge Coronet 4 Door Parts Car - Good Quarters

    When will you know about cutting it ? Are you willing to ship it ?