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    Newby from Ohio

    Welcome from NV. Sure looks like a real nice car and project.
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    Some kid from VA

    Welcome from NV. Be a nice cruzzer. Seams like they did adds back in the 70's they would say the car was so smooth they would have a guy in there cutting a diamond!
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    new member

    Welcome from NV.
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    Hello, new member from the top of Texas.

    Welcome from NV! Looks like it is a time capsule. What town in TX. Use to work in north TX in 80's.
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    Hello from Colorado

    Yea looks really nice! Welcome from NV. Wife's brother lives in Castel Rock.
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    Dream 1970 Charger

    It's gona be a nice one! Welcome from NV. You might want to get some snow tires lol.
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    New Member from Southeast PA

    Welcome from Nevada. Looks great! Fast work too
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    CH6R8GR My 1968 Dodge Charger Project

    Nice white metal look!
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    Victor 440 intake under hood?

    Would be a good choice
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    Victor 440 intake under hood?

    Ok I thank you for the wisdom. I was hopping otherwise. Thanks again.
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    Victor 440 intake under hood?

    I see. Thanks for the reply. I don't suppose a drop down air cleaner would work?
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    Victor 440 intake under hood?

    Hello hope someone might know: will a will a victor 440 intake on a 440- with carb and low air cleaner fit under a stock 68 charger? Don’t actually own the car yet but am kicking around the idea to go with this motor. Thanks
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    My 68 Charger Restoration Journey

    Such a nice car. Good job!
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    Hi from Munich/Germany

    Welcome from Nevada! Love the 73 chargers. It will be a blast in the beautiful country side there! I have an Audi A6 deisel the wife and I love.
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    Long time car guy. New b body owner!

    Welcome from NV. Solid iron there
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    68 V.I.N. and build sheet

    Thanks. What is the # on rad support
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    68 V.I.N. and build sheet

    Looking at a 68 charger a guy has for sale and is missing the fender tag but claims there is a build sheet. I say claims because the build sheet is hard to read; only have a pict of it right now. Are the last six of the vin on the build sheet? Will any of the vin be on the body? Is build sheet...
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    WTB Selling my 68 Road Runner and need help finding another

    I know of a guy that has just finished a restoration on a convertible. Can’t remeber the year 68 or 69 or if it is a 4speed or not but I will find out for you I you want