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  1. rarefish

    FOR SALE NOS 1978 Locking Gas Cap

    Selling this NOS Locking Gas Cap. Part Number: 4002603 Based on my internet search. It is for the 1978 B-bodies, but it may fit other models or years? Selling for $25 + mailing cost.
  2. rarefish

    FOR SALE NOS Direct Connection Ignition Wiring Harness Kit

    Selling this NOS vintage Direction Connection Control Wiring Harness Kit for Electronic Ignitions Part Number: P3690152 Selling for $39 + shipping Payment by a US Postal Money Order....
  3. rarefish

    1965 Coronet 500 video

    I stumbled across this on my phone the other day. If you look at my avatar pic, you will see the same car as it looked when I owned it back in 2003. Now looking back, I should have hung on to it....
  4. rarefish

    SOLD 1964-65 A/C Blower Switch

    I'm selling this used 64-65 B-body A/C Fan Blower Switch. Includes the vacuum hoses and vacuum switch. I have tested the switch with a ohm meter and it showed good in all four postions. ......Sold.....
  5. rarefish

    WTB Clip for pivot arm on windshield wiper 7172 B-Body

    Can you show a picture of the E-body one?
  6. rarefish

    FOR SALE 1971-73 Trunk Lamp

    Selling this used 1971-73 B-Body Trunk Lamp Assembly. Part Number: 2947286 Selling for $40 shipped in the US. PM me here if interested...
  7. rarefish

    SOLD NOS Station Wagon Tail Gate Handle

    RGC426 your inbox is full.
  8. rarefish

    SOLD NOS Station Wagon Tail Gate Handle

    Selling this NOS 1966-70 B-Body Station Wagon Tail Gate Window Crank Handle. Part # 2583022 ....Sold....
  9. rarefish

    WTB 69 b body front shoulder belts

    Your in box is full...
  10. rarefish

    1968 Manifold Heat Valve Question?

    My answering to asking questions ratio is probably about 50:1 on all web sites, but I will also say that I'm getting more lazy answering question in recent years due to difficulty in tpying. Just another problem of aging I guess.
  11. rarefish

    1968 Manifold Heat Valve Question?

    Thank you... I was surprised that it took 170 + views to get an answer on this.
  12. rarefish

    1968 Manifold Heat Valve Question?

    In the picture posted here, is the heat valve shown open or closed position? I'm assuming that the valve would be closed and it rotates clockwise to open....
  13. rarefish

    FOR SALE 1964 B-body rear axle.

    Selling this 8-3/4 rear axle assembly. It came from a 64 Belvedere. The housing has been cleaned, sand blasted and painted. I can bring the parts to Carlisle if I have a interested buyer or local pick up in the Rochester, NY area. No shipping. Selling everything seen in the photos for $95
  14. rarefish

    SOLD NOS 1968 Charger Fender

    New Lower Price: $1900 or a close offer...
  15. rarefish

    SOLD NOS 1968 Charger Fender

    I posting this NOS 1968 passenger side Charger fender for a friend. He has owned it for several years. It is was still wrapped in it's factory paper when we got it out of storage yesterday to take these pictures. There is no antenna hole. I told him that I will list it here for sale and can...
  16. rarefish

    FOR SALE Carlisle spaces for rent 2023

    I also have a friend who is interested in the O125 spot...