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  1. Byrd

    New shop!!

    Well I'm sure I will out grow it and when that happens that is already covered...On the property there is two yes I said "two" shops. Both are 100x30's but the other one is alot taller and has one single huge door and a entry door. The people we are getting the house from is using it for storage...
  2. Byrd

    just got the blue dodge back fromk the paint shop

    What a tease!!! lol
  3. Byrd

    lets see your custom dashes...

    I am thinking of making a custom dash for my 66 Satty. I want atleast some sftermarket gauges to keep tabs on everything. Plus I'm not really into the all stock look. I'm trying to get some ideas on what to do and what has been done. So please post up them custom Mopar dashes. Don't even need...
  4. Byrd

    Mecum Auction....nothing sold???

    I too am very lucky to have two great boys and both are car nuts just like me!! One is 17 going to be 18 next month my other is 16. They both have helped me over the years work on and restore everything from mopars to our mud trucks and they love every minute of it. I couldn't be any happier...
  5. Byrd

    1967 Satellite "barn find"

    For outer wheel houses I was told that 68s will work with a little messaging. I plan to make my own outers to as you call it maximize available space out back. I like the 4-link set up you have too. I was thinking about Caltrac split mono leafs and Caltrac bars. But now I'm not too sure.Did you...
  6. Byrd

    New shop!!

    Not a Mopar but makes one hell of a toy this is my latest one... - - - Updated - - - This was my Toyota 4runner had a motor from my friends race car about 670ish HP little thing was unstoppable until in needed a nap one day lol
  7. Byrd

    New shop!!

    On both ends of the shop are big sliding doors. They slide torwards the middle of the shop. And are just as tall as the shop so I can fit my mud trucks inside too.
  8. Byrd

    New shop!!

    lol I must be lucky (well I know I am) becuz my girl asked if the shop will be big enough!! She loves to wrench just as much as I do. She did ask for her own area for doing upholstery work. Yep I have my own in house interior specialist :headbang: And it does help that she loves the house! We...
  9. Byrd

    My 1966 Satellite

    From the measurements I have taken so far I will have plenty of room with room to spare. I plan on widening the wheels wells all the way flush with the frame. At least thats what the tape measure is telling me. And I will modify the outter wheels well as much as needed too since it needs...
  10. Byrd

    New shop!!

    Thanks Peeps!! Getting closer to move in date!! The Mrs. and I can not wait to get there. Here is a couple more pics... First thing she said was we have to make the garden bigger...lol
  11. Byrd

    My 1966 Satellite

    Got a few parts...
  12. Byrd

    my nss car is finally together!

    Nice Satty!!! I like it....very clean!!
  13. Byrd

    Any Opinions on the Air Compressor

    I would buy the biggest one you think you will never need! Think about it...once you have a air compressor you are going to want to be doing a lot more with one. I learned the hard way I bought a small one first. Of course it was fine for smaller jobs and stuff the didn't need a lot of CFM. So I...
  14. Byrd

    dash chrome paint ?

    I have been using this paint for several years doing airbrush work. It is the closet thing to chrome you can get in a paint. Just make sure you use a flat black base and use very thin coats of the chrome paint. It don't take much to get it to look right. If you use too much it will turn more...
  15. Byrd

    New Place!!!

    Nice garage! And nice cars too...
  16. Byrd

    Has anyone on here bought an Eastwood's 220v MIG 175 Welder.

    I have a Lincoln Pro-mig 185 best money I have spent. I have got my money and then some back out of it!!
  17. Byrd

    My 1966 Satellite

    Yep the fun will begain as soon as I get moved into the new shop! What a way to break in a new shop, restoring a B-body!!
  18. Byrd

    New shop!!

    Yup all of the above and then some!! I have the surround sound system a 55" flat screen, fridge. There will be a loooonnnngggg work bench a ton of cabinets. The parts room will be the shed outside and will be shared with the air compressor lol. And it will have heat and AC. Paint booth will be...
  19. Byrd

    New shop!!

    Thanks guys! It should work for a while anyways lol And yeah I didnt even see the house at first lmao
  20. Byrd

    New shop!!

    Thanks everyone!! Right now its just a empty shell it was built earlier this year. I still have to finish the inside with some drywall and insulation. Get the paint booth installed. Add a bunch more lights and get the furnace & AC installed. I'm looking for a a lift or two now to add to it...