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    Radiator 22"

    SOLD. Thank you
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    '66 Parts for sale

    I would like the jack. I will PM you. Thank you, Ragman
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    So I think I found my original gas cap.......

    Oregon is "Full Service" state, like N.J. The guy filling up the charger at Costco dropped the cap next to the fill pipe and it fell right in front of thr pipe. We had to find someone with real small hands to retrieve it. Who knows how many original caps are hiding there!! Rag
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    So why did you pick a 66-67 Charger?

    I got a glimpse of a muscle car and turned around to take a look. At first I thiugt it was a real beater, but on closer look, it was mostly all there. price was 5K. I offered the guy 4k if it ran and I could take a test drive. Came back the next day, drove it, and bought it. The 361 ran...
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    How Much HP Can You Get Out a 318

    L O V E that car!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talkin' about the faded out Plymouth. Talk about a sleeper! Rag
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    Radiator 22"

    Radiator is sold. Thank you, Rag
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    Anyone ever try buffing the trim railing

    The aluminium trim strips comes off pretty easy as explained in the other posts. The pot metal "J" trim, not so easy. they are bolted in on the back side. I had to crawl into the truck in order to reah them. Had a heel of a time getting my 6' 2" , 67 yr.old body in and out of the trunk...
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    Radiator 22"

    I bought a new radiator on line to use in my Charger until I got the original recored. Used it in for 8 months and about 6K miles. It worked well. 180-185 degrees in my 361. Aluminum, 22", mounts right up. Comes with 13lb. cap and top hose. $100 freight included. Thanx, Rag
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    Radiator 22"

    I bought a new radiator on line to use in my Charger until I got the original recored. Had it in for 8 months and about 6K miles. It worked well. 180-185 degrees in my 361. I will put it in the General Parts for Sale, but I thought I'd place it here in cases any of you guys with 1st...
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    Advice on price for 66 Charger

    Good deal! What you said in the quote makes sense. You got a good deal, maybe the heavens didn't open up and put it in your driveway, but you got a good deal There is a ton of value in the A/C, dash lights, headlights, trim, etc. If the engine is good. You can spruce up much on your on...
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    Just Received my package from Chrysler Historical services

    That is very cool! Can how to contact this source?(address, email etc.) Much appreciated. Rag
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    Mine works , sometimes. The EL works. Could it be that I need to take it out and clean it? Is there any ideas asto cleaning,besides blowing it out? Thanx, Rag
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    dash chrome paint ?

    Looks like good stuff. I used Crome rattle can. Sprayed some in a plastic cup and used a Q-tip. The Q-tip was the perfect size for the channel and came out real good on my '66 Charger dash. I may do it again using the Alclad for a little more shine. Rag
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    Bleeding Air out of Satellite Cooling System

    I am no cooling system expert. I installed an over flow tank (not stock) and my '66 Charger, 361 block. Then back flushed the block and radiator. Filled with anti freeze and ran the car 'till it heated up. added more fluid and did that several times. Half filled the overflow tank and drove the...
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    Correct winshield wipers

    "66 Charger. Got mine at O'Riellys And they even put them on! Rag
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    '66 Charger Exhaust

    Perfect! Thanx Rag
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    '66 Charger Exhaust

    Can any one tell me where the stock exhaust ends on a stock dual exhaust system? A buddy thinks they pointed down, right behind the rear axel. Thanx Rag
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    dodge charger in qatar...new ones just keep coming

    A nice red '67 Charger sold for 18K at Barrett Jackson. 318 Auto. Rag
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    Need help removing brake booster

    The top right nut is the most difficult. I have a 6' extension that the socket end is slightly tapered on all 4 sides that allows the socket to move just enough to catch the nut. A swivel will work, just use some tape on the swivel to prevent it from slopping around. Rag
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    Need help removing brake booster

    I just got done replacing the m/c and booster on my '66 Charger. A PITA but doable. Being kinda tall (6'2"), 67 years old with bad back and worn out knees didn't help!! All four bolts are reachable but require a deep socket and different length extensions. If you run into trouble, just ask...