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  1. HemiLane

    Greetings from Arizona

    Welcome from Peoria, AZ! Very nice RR!
  2. HemiLane

    Duct Tape Drags

    A bunch of us are heading out Fri morning. A mix of some moderns and muscle cars
  3. HemiLane

    Out with the old, in with the new. Battery for the hotrod, old one only lasted 12 years dangit

    Jealous! Here in the desert, a daily driver battery will last about 2 years, the heat causes them to sulfate badly (unless they are not mounted under the hood). My classics will get 3-4 years even with a tender.
  4. HemiLane

    SOLD 1964-5 B-body jack hold down

    Still available?
  5. HemiLane

    Hello from AJ in AZ

    Welcome for Peoria, AZ
  6. HemiLane

    Lifting the rear. Options?

    SS springs on my '64 Polara. 14" wheels up front, 15" in the rear
  7. HemiLane

    Motor stops when accelerating.

    Check vacuum. Sitting for a while can affect gaskets and rubber hoses
  8. HemiLane

    Hows your track T&T prep? Milan is veiry good.

    Wildhorse Pass has always been terrible for prep, unless you went after a NHRA event. Looking at my logs, all my worst 60ft's were in Phx. Better prep and quicker 60ft's and ET's in Tucson and Las Vegas, even though they are at higher elevation.
  9. HemiLane

    New member from the west

  10. HemiLane

    New guy here from Arizona

    Welcome from Peoria, AZ!
  11. HemiLane

    What’s the most “FUN” car you ever owned?

    2001 Dakota R/T, ran the bigger 2.02 intake heads, bigger TB, headers, 4.56 gears. It ran mid 13's in the 1/4 and handled more like a sports car than a truck. Cars hated losing to a truck and it was a blast to drive on the mountain twisty's.
  12. HemiLane

    I bought a bunch of Hot Wheels cars and I feel kind of bad.

    I have all of mine and my old slot cars and track. My mother probably kept them since I was a gear head from about age 3, lol. My daughter played with them when she was little and now my granddaughter loves to play with them.
  13. HemiLane

    Front End FRIDAY!!!

  14. HemiLane

    I am new OLD stock.

  15. HemiLane

    What is it?

    Thanks all! Makes sense, somebody installed the updated console tach but left this piece in the console.
  16. HemiLane

    What is it?

  17. HemiLane

    What is it?

    I was pulled the center console apart on my '64 Polara 500 to fix the reverse light switch and I found this in the console. Any ideas of what it is? Nothing was hooked up to it.
  18. HemiLane

    WTB Speedometer Cable, 1965 and previous B Body

    Classic Industries or MoparMall has them
  19. HemiLane

    Route 66

    If you do the spring, consider the timing of the Route 66 Fun Run in AZ, usually the first weekend in May. Our car club does this event every year, with about 20-30 cars, and it is a blast! Fun Run
  20. HemiLane

    How many B/RB engines were produced?

    I would guess 5-7 million, even including the motorhome and industrial engines after Mopar sold the tooling for the motors. Mopar gets no love from most vendors, I find more proper options for my '57 392 Hemi than I do for B/RB's. In the past I have ordered a spool of plug wire and crimped my...