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  1. Ruby67

    What’s the best company to buy a new turn signal switch?

    Many years ago I changed the switch in my 67 to one that has the lane changing feature. I don't recall having any install issues and it's a nice feature to have. I got it out of the wrecking yard so not sure what year car it came from. In case I need to replace it, does anyone know if the 69...
  2. Ruby67

    Transmission Options for 5.7 swap

    You might want to consider these folks. Don't have to cut the tunnel.
  3. Ruby67

    Ignition switch tool?

    Must be a Canuck thing, lol. I've used needlenose very successfully. I even add tape to the ends of the pliers just to keep things "unf@cked". I use the money saved on tools to pay for border fees when buying parts;)
  4. Ruby67

    I absolutely hate wiring a car.

    64fury74charger, is that a continuous relay mounted to the rad support? And if so, how does it come into play?
  5. Ruby67

    antenna questions 1967 Coronet

    Needle nose pliers with electrical tape on the ends has worked for me. Also two small slotted screw drivers crossed has worked like a spanner to remove the nut. I also gutted my 67 antenna and matched the base to a newer mopar solid one from the scrap yard, don't recall the year or model. Agree...
  6. Ruby67

    66' Coronet Dash Cluster Removal

    They are the (philips head) screws around the perimeter of the 2 cardboard glovebox pieces that attach them to the metal dash frame and each other. Depending on what you want access to you may not need to remove them.
  7. Ruby67

    How about just a random picture. NOT the entire car

    Thanks! Yes, I fashioned it after the R/T badge using spare parts. I'm pleased how it turned out.
  8. Ruby67

    Did I do good?

    This can help with the accuracy.
  9. Ruby67

    You folks up North about to be hammered, Arctic blast on the way....

    The lake water is warmer than the air.
  10. Ruby67

    66 charger sill plate retainer

    Perhaps you can find a used pair from any '66 2 door b-body by placing a parts wanted ad?
  11. Ruby67

    66 charger sill plate retainer

    I agree. My 67 plates were not holding their shape with wear & tear, so I added the support plates from a 66.
  12. Ruby67

    66 charger sill plate retainer

    FWIW, 66 had a galvanized support piece, but 67 didn't use it, just used longer screws.
  13. Ruby67

    Hi, Thx for getting back to me! I'm interested in your speed ratio spreadsheet. Would you...

    Hi, Thx for getting back to me! I'm interested in your speed ratio spreadsheet. Would you please share it with me? My email is [email protected]. Cheers Scotty
  14. Ruby67

    66 Coronet Convertible

    Looking great! Where/how did you mount the extra relays?
  15. Ruby67

    66 Coronet Wipers Won't Turn Off

    If you're interested in having delay wipers, check this out. An easy delay wiper system for 70's era trucks Apparently works for 66-67 b-body, with a variable speed motor like you have. Haven't done it myself yet but would be interested to hear from others who have.
  16. Ruby67

    Ground cable from intake to neg. battery post gets warm/hot.

    Possible hard starting due to modern gas? Lots of posts on this site for options to resolve that issue, FWIW.
  17. Ruby67

    Heater core for factory air cars , feedback ???

    I bought both these products when I restored my system. Excellent products, been working well about 7 years now.
  18. Ruby67

    WTB 3 speed wiper motor.

    Am I incorrect in thinking the 66-67 had either 2 speed or variable speed wipers only?