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    Which Camshaft For This Brute?

    Get yourself a good engine program. I use https://www.performancetrends.com/Engine-Simulation.htm If you take the time to input good numbers it will give accurate results. And it will predict a lot of things already discussed, like cranking compression, idle vacuum, will plot an advance...
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    nicks garage

    I watch Nick from time to time. Nick is an old school mechanic, and the best thing about his channel is that he shows when things screw up, doesn't try to look smarter than he is. I built an engine dyno several years ago and his dyno secessions look and feel a lot like the ones I have done...
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    Correct installation of green axle bearings.

    The collar is to lock the bearing on the axle. Old time mechanics call it a wedding ring. My main advice is that you install the ring correctly, it must be heated, before pushing it on against the bearing. If you don't heat it, it may distort and not hold the bearing in place properly. The...
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    Kick down linkage/cable

    The main thing is the movement of the throttle pressure control valve in the transmission. If you have the pan off hook up the cable or linkage whatever works best for your combo. Have somebody step the throttle to the floor and watch the throttle valve. At idle the lever should just touch the...