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  1. John Hogan

    1973 Road Runner sail panel boards

    Update on the 1973 Road Runner sail panels. After almost a year of searching I've got a set! Mike at Muscle Car Maniacs has the correct ones that cover the whole rear sail panel inside the car. He went through the trouble to get the first set custom made and they are fabulous. I'm attaching a...
  2. John Hogan

    1973 Road Runner Sail Panel Board Update!

    Sail panel interior boards update. I believe I may have found the answer for the people looking for the rear sail panel interior boards. Found a new ebay auction this morning at...
  3. John Hogan

    1973 Road Runner Sail Panel Pattern

    I know the question has been asked many times about the sail panel boards on a '73 Road Runner. Seems the only answer is to trace the originals and cut your own out of cardboard. However, mine were so brittle that even with being really careful the one that was partially there just disintegrated...
  4. John Hogan

    '73 Runner ABC Moparts Dash Pad

    Just unpacked my steel core dash pad from ABC Moparts and I am beyond impressed. Shipping was fast, packaging excellent and the quality is fabulous! It is a perfect reproduction of the original, the grain is well defined and nearly a perfect match and it came with the new plastic inserts to...
  5. John Hogan

    1973 Road Runner front seat buttons

    Recovering my seats with a kit from PUI ( I know some people don't like them but I am happy so far and 2 weeks vs estimated 8 months from Legendary ) The wifey and I have redone the upper and lower rear seat along with the lower front buckets. Pushed the buttons through the cover and the foam...
  6. John Hogan

    1973 Road Runner "earmuff boards"?

    So a I continue to tear down my car I continue to have questions..... On the rear pillars inside there are cardboard looking panels attached to the body with black push pins. From what I can find they may be called earmuff boards. ( see pictures ) They are sturdier than cardboard but after...
  7. John Hogan

    1973 Road Runner headliner identification

    How as I continue to disassemble and research my Road Runner I keep finding things that I'm not familiar with on my earlier B-Bodies. The headliner was missing when I bought the car but as I disassembled the interior I found a fair size chunk left by the rear window. It appears to be a...