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  1. blewbyu

    SOLD New reproduction rear window trim for inside of 68 to 70 B bodies

    This is all the pieces needed except for the lower long one piece. For rear window of 68 to 70 B bodies still in the new package. $60 plus shipping
  2. blewbyu

    FOR SALE Dash switches 68-69 Ralley dash

    Rally dash switches plus shipping Headlight switch $40 2 speed wiper $40 3 speed wiper $100 Others $15
  3. blewbyu

    FOR SALE Green Dash Vents

    This is a nice set of green – bounce all studs present $50 shipped
  4. blewbyu

    FOR SALE 70 B Body chrome armrest bases new

    New chrome armrest base for 70 cars $50 plus shipping for the pair
  5. blewbyu

    FOR SALE Misc B Body parts $15

    Your choice $15 plus shipping Wiper squirters Arm pads Bases Under column cover Dash end plates Vent cable
  6. blewbyu

    FOR SALE 68 to 70 dodge charger headlight switch with plastic bracket for vacuum lines.

    This is a used 68 to 70 headlight switch with vacuum bracket selling for $120 shipped
  7. blewbyu

    FOR SALE Rebuilt 68-70 charger headlight switch

    I have a rebuilt 68 through 70 Dodge charger vacuum headlight switch. Rebuilt by Devon. $150 shipped
  8. blewbyu

    SOLD 68-70 firewall and kick panel insulation new in package

    New in the package firewall insulation kit for non-AC and kick panels. Firewall kit $40 shipped kick panel kit $20 shipped
  9. blewbyu

    FOR SALE New M&H 69 engine wire harness 383 or 440

    Brand new M&H wiring harness for 69B body with a 383 or a 440 with a four barrel $130 shipped
  10. blewbyu

    SOLD New M&H 69 six pack only wiring harness

    New M&H wiring harness for a six pack and electronic ignition in the package $140.00 shipped
  11. blewbyu

    SOLD Pair of front fender WOM for 68-69 Superbee

    One used one and one new repo WOM for front fenders $150.00 plus shipping
  12. blewbyu

    SOLD Nos 68-69 Superbee right rear WOM

    This nos right rear WOM $300.00 plus shipping
  13. blewbyu

    FOR SALE Beep Beep horn

    $75.0o shipped
  14. blewbyu

    FOR SALE Superbird front marker housing bracket

    Bracket to hold marker light in front nose come on superbird. $125.00 shipped
  15. blewbyu

    SOLD Superbird front marker light assy

    Nice set of front marker light for Superbird $450 shipped
  16. blewbyu

    FOR SALE 70 B body Dodge front marker lights

    Pair of front marker light hsg only one lens $75.00 plus shipping
  17. blewbyu

    FOR SALE Misc b body parts

    Your choice of latch, marker bezels or tail light bezels $20 plus shipping
  18. blewbyu

    SOLD 68-70 antenna mount new

    New in package. $30 shipped
  19. blewbyu

    FOR SALE 68-70 battery tray brackets

    Good set of used battery tray brackets $30 shipped
  20. blewbyu

    FOR SALE 68-70 filler neck

    Nice clean filler neck $50 shipped