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  1. Sixpactogo

    SOLD NOS Mopar mufflers PN: 4150280

    A pair of NOS mufflers I bought in 1991 at the Mopar Nationals for use on my car but never used. They are PN; 4150280 and are for 69-71 passenger cars with 318 V8 with code E44 or E45. They are the crimped corner style with 2" inlet and 2" outlet. $50.00 plus shipping from 54703 or local pickup...
  2. Sixpactogo

    FOR SALE 75-79 B body Painted racing mirrors PN: 3861327 & 3861371

    A pair of remote controlled painted racing style mirrors for 75-79 Charger, Cordoba, Magnum, Coronet and Fury. These are the same as the Chromed mirrors but are the painted style. I removed them from a 79 Magnum with thoughts of using them on my E body but the angles and mounting was different...
  3. Sixpactogo

    FOR SALE 75-79 B body Chrome racing mirrors PN: 3861327 & 3861371

    A pair of nice Chrome racing style mirrors for 75-79 Charger, Cordoba, Magnum, Coronet and Fury. These are both remote style and were removed from a 1979 Fury back in the mid 80's. Chrome has a couple pits and scuffs but nice for an occasional show car. Mirrors have some lite scuffs as well...
  4. Sixpactogo

    SOLD 1968 B body Door Interior lock rods Pn: 2862898-9

    These rods are 68 only and only fit B body Coronet, Belvedere and Satellite 2 door cars Will not fit Charger as they are different as shown in parts book page with red X $40.00 shipped from Eau Claire, WI 54703 to Continental USA
  5. Sixpactogo

    Mylar window guide channels

    I know people have been looking for these and they have been unavailable for a while. I saw that Mega Parts now has them for sale at $125.00 a pair. Not sure who is making them or if they are the curved ones like original. I'm curious to know if anyone has bought them and made them work.
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    The King is 84 today.

    Richard Petty turned 84 today. Happy Birthday Richard and thanks for putting Mopar in the winners circle all those years.
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    Tire Rotation

    A lot of us run different sized wheels and tires between front and rear and can't do the recommended rotation that manufacturers want us to do. I rotate the tires on my 300C and my wife's Durango since they are all the same size, but not my collector cars. My question is, would there be any...
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    Mouse deterrent

    Not sure this is in the correct forum but I came across this and was wondering if anyone has used it and if they work. I don't have mice in my shop or storage but they do get in the garage on my house from time to time. Might work better than dryer sheets...
  9. Sixpactogo

    SOLD 1966 Plymouth Hood 383 Ornament B & C body

    This is a used ornament from a 1966 Fury III. Ornament is in nice shape for a 55+ year old part. The chrome base has a crack caused by a collision with a crow at 70 mph. It also has a couple of pits on the front side from road rash but the back side with the 383 callout is nice. I believe they...
  10. Sixpactogo

    Fuse box labeling

    Has anyone came up with a way to re-label these fuse blocks? I took mine apart to put in some new fuse holders and made the mistake of cleaning it with Simple Green. I have a Brother label machine but it won't do any letters that small. I doubt the labels would stick anyway. Anyone with suggestions?
  11. Sixpactogo

    72 B body Dodge / Plymouth Master Cylinder brake lines

    These lines are pre-bent for a 72 B body Power Disc Master Cylinder according to the Fine Lines sticker. They are new never used and normally come as a complete set of 4 including the lines to both front wheels for around $80.00. These were sent to me in error. I don't have the line for the...
  12. Sixpactogo

    SOLD 1970 Coronet Super Bee rear seat

    I had these seats for sale on here quite awhile ago along with the front buckets. They have been occupying space in my enclosed trailer for too long. Gotta Go. The buckets have been sold but I still have the rear seat cushions. Driver class in green. There is a little mice evidence on the...
  13. Sixpactogo

    Wheel brake drum heat damper springs

    Looking for some input on the damper springs. I have 11" drums on the rear of my 68 Charger. The original damper springs are rusty and while I was fine tuning my pinion angle with the car on jack stands and wheels removed, I let up on the throttle too quick and blew both springs off. I know Ma...
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    anybody remember this machine? I wonder if it still exists
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    FOR SALE 1968 Charger tinted glass

    This glass is a complete set minus the windshield. I removed it from my Charger and replaced it with new gray smoked glass. They are all decent panels with minimal scratches except for the left vent window that has a couple of deep scars. The rest of them will polish out with a little time and...
  16. Sixpactogo

    FOR SALE 1968 Charger tail light assemblies

    Here are a pair of 68 Charger tail lights. About as nice as what is out there in used condition They were left over from my project. I was saving them for insurance in case of......... They are not perfect but pretty much pit free with no cracked lenses. $600.00 plus $20.00 shipping from...
  17. Sixpactogo

    SOLD 68 -70 B body 2 door Ht rear of window guides

    Here are a pair of window guides that were left over from my 68 Charger build. They have been cleaned and new felt inserts riveted in. $30.00 each or $50.00 for both plus $20.00 shipping from Wisconsin to Continental US
  18. Sixpactogo

    SOLD 1968 Dodge Charger door latch assembly

    I have the latch assemblies for both sides. Nice rust free parts in good condition. They were removed from a 68 Charger parts car a few years ago. My car is finished so these are available for someone who needs them. I believe the latches themselves fit 66-70 B body cars but some of the linkage...
  19. Sixpactogo

    FOR SALE 68 Charger Rallye dash radio plate with fader control

    Here is a radio plate that was in my 68 Charger. I had it restored by Instrument Specialties and planned to re-use it in my car. However, by the time I got it back, (11 months) I changed my mind and bought a AM / FM retro radio that has the rear speaker fader built in. The rear speaker control...
  20. Sixpactogo

    Super Bird / Daytona cover

    Any Bird owners out there in need of a cover? A friend of mine sold both of his a while back. He told me he has a cover he bought from Year One for his Daytona. It is the Evolution 4 cover complete with tie down and bag. It is tan colored. He asked me if I knew anyone looking for one. He told me...