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    Went to the track Friday. What should I try next?

    I raced a NSS car for many years a 64 Dodge, had an engine similar to yours just a little more compression, I got it to run low 10's BUT it weighed 3,400 pounds with me in it. And nothing I could do would make it go 9's until I changed the intake, it was like a governor. Cross rams run out...
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    727 torque converter drain back

    TransGo shift kit has a new manual valve and a couple modifications that will cure the problem. Or as mentioned just slip it into neutral for a few seconds, fill the converter and then go into gear.
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    Max wedge intake gaskets

    With stock type iron heads yes the manifold seals like a small block. with aftermarket heads like Indy or Victor Jr. with raised intake ports you will have to run a valley pan.
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    What ultra sonic boiling fluid do y'all like for carbs....

    I use you can also get it from dollar general, it does an amazing job od parts. mix it 50/50 with water. don't leave a carb in for much longer than 15 minutes it can turn them dark. My sonic cleaner has a heater, just warm the solution up and you will not believe the results. I tried a bunch...
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    Backwards America.

    My thoughts are what happens when the majority of cars on the road have these systems and us old farts want to drive our classic cars on the same road? What is going to happen is nobody will be concerned with safe following distances because the computer can react so much faster and apply the...
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    Cannabis and your heart

    First I think a lot more research needs to be done to identify the good in using products derived from marijuana. Second I had a high school classmate that died from throat cancer, he smoked a lot of weed, no tobacco. Putting fire in your mouth was something that always just did not seem right...
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    Cannabis and your heart

    I am an open-minded person grew up in the 60's lots of marijuana around. Don't get me wrong I have had friends that drank themselves to death, and I have friends that fried their brains on dope as well. Both can be abused with bad consequences. My main issue with legal marijuana is that many...
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    833 syncros

    My vote for the pennszoil as well, makes them shift smoother. Mopar used auto transfluid in the later 4 speed overdrive units anyway.
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    Flat Tappet Cam Info... Don't let the southern drawl fool ya... This guy knows what he's talking about.........

    I lost a Huges cam several years ago, before all these issues with cam and lifter quality. When I got the cam and read the spring specs, I called Hughes and flat told them this cam will never live at these spring pressures, they assured me it would work just fine. Cam went flat in three passes...
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    Lobe separation and vacuum

    Buy a good engine program, I use performance trends, it will calculate really close your idle vacuum. When a customer asks me to build an engine many say I want a lope at idle but I want it to clear up as soon as I touch the throttle. I know idle vacuum of about 16 inches will do just that...
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    I’m lazy so looking for advice on new Ring and Pinion shim

    That looks pretty close, I would set it up with the shim you have, and of course check with gear marking compound when done.
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    I’m lazy so looking for advice on new Ring and Pinion shim

    The shim for pinion depth is usually to shim for machining tolerances in the housing, not the ring and pinion. 99% of the time if the original shim was correct it will be correct for the new gears. If you don't have access to a pinion depth gauge a .020 shim is the starting point for a 8 3/4...
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    727 leak at rear and not sure how to fix

    The area you mention is the pin that holds the rear band, it is supposed to have an O-ring on it. Lot of guys myself included put a dab of silicone just to make sure it does not leak. To pull it completely out you will have to remove the valvebody to gain access to the band strut to line it up...
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    I have to park one of my mopars on gravel next to my driveway this winter. Any suggestions on what I could do to help it not rot out the frame?

    From what I have seen use jack stands to get it off the ground, if air can get under and around the car it will carry the moisture away. You can wrap with a tarp, but I have seen the wind move a tarp enough to wear off the paint, so you have to be careful with that.
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    Adding a 220V circuit into a building for air compressor and car lift.

    As the other posts mentioned you have 220 coming into your building, it is AC power or alternating current at 60 cycles, so in the fuse block is two legs 110 volts each, and each leg cycles a 60 hertz opposite of each other. So the 220 wire to your lift uses one hot from each leg, and a ground...
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    1965 dodge coronet wheel lip moldings

    I always liked wheel lip moldings on my Mopar's I have looked a little on the internet and don't see any pictures of 65 Coronets with wheel lip moldings, and don't see any reproductions. Did they put wheel lip moldings on 65's ? And if they did anybody got a source?
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    spray on chrome for dash and small parts.

    I am not needed perfect restoration, just building a resto-rod 65 coronet with a gen 3 hemi to drive. You guys that have restored your own dashes and small parts using spray paint type chrome what brands did you have the best luck with? I have used a couple but it has been a few years...
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    The best car photo ever and why you like it.

    Kind of miss my NSS car, it was sure fun.
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    8-3/4 Rear Axle Bearings

    If a tapered bearing is adjusted properly there is no play. Tapered bearing require preload, hence no play.
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    8-3/4 Rear Axle Bearings

    Nothing wrong with green bearings, just remember they don't last as long as the OEM tapered bearings, but since most old muscle cars don't get driven a lot of miles not usually a problem. I personally like the tapered bearings, just because they can be adjusted, repacked with fresh grease, and...