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    Any Golfers?

    It was a liquor-fest in my bowling days, dang, Thursday and Friday night leagues. Can’t say though if I remember getting too squirrely having a couple beers golfing, well ok, other than a few outings and golf vacations when I knew I got too much in the tank. One guy I played golf with in a...
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    Any Golfers?

    I usually wouldn't wait for the 19th hole to have a beer. More or less, if I screwed up the first holes I figured my goose was toasted that round so would indulge a little more. "Where the hell is the beer cart gal?"
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    Rust Bubbles - How Big of an issue?

    As posted, rust is a silent demon, hidden by the paint and usually larger area affected than viewed. Was surprised how an area of the quarter on my ride under the side trim just showed some bubbles, being a CA car that never saw salt, didn’t think it would be more than surface rusting…until...
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    Getting older and the changes in what we like...

    Agree, Dodge did it right when that model year arrived; had a ’97 4x4. Also had an ’02 Dakota 4x4 and that was a great gen style as well. Have an ’05 Dakota Laramie that I really like having a lot of options, and did some body transplanting to rust-free hopefully to be my last truck now, but the...
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    Any Golfers?

    No doubt, your in a whole LOT of company. Arnold Palmer was asked by someone how they could lower their scores. He said use an eraser, lol.
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    Any Golfers?

    I was a nut for golf for around 30 years, had many great times playing with my now departed father and playing with buds, golf vacations, outings. Couple injuries forced me to stop playing for a while, meantime not finding the gumption to play anymore, been about 7 years since I played. Every...
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    Any Golfers?

    Lol, all the memories of when I was playing, the ecstasy of victory and the agony of defeat (heard that somewhere). There is a par-3 hole at a course I used to play on a league. Has an elevated green set into the woods, severely sloping terrain around the sides and front of the green, not very...
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    Any Golfers?

    In all the years when I played the game, seemed to be more about people shredding the surface around the cup – foot dragging or twisting, but then there is the matter of green maintenance (including fairways). Some courses had crummier greens than others. There’s a lot of engineering, though...
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    I'm BACK from The Valley of the BANNED.

    The phrase self-deprecating, reminds me of a bee-itch the company hired and was assigned to a project team I was on. Think of a 30-ish gal believing she’s the cat’s-rectum (better descript, MO) having no technical expertise related to the project, but a master’s degree from a liberal arts...
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    Vibrating new Charger EV!

    Cool, you must a been a rich kid, lol. While my folks were pretty well off, damn they could get cheap on stuff I wanted. They’d pass down the crap my older brother had, bikes, clothes. “Your brother’s 3-speed bike is fine, no need to get a new one.” Same with the clothes, shirts were ok, but he...
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    Vibrating new Charger EV!

    Mfg’s can’t produce trustworthy EV’s yet needing charging stations sufficiently available for those on the road already, add those nasty fires I’m reading more about…and they’re concerned about making fake noises and vibrations? There’s only one way to produce the lovely sound of a V8. I’d be...
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    Should you save old parts or sell them?

    Ironically a member living about 3 hours away, had asked if I still had the exhaust system from my ’63 with the Flowmaster mufflers. I had it removed so that it could be reused and it maybe was on the car for 300-400 miles before restoration and new exhaust with headers. Posted it a few years...
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    transmission vibration

    Driveshaft balance?
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    I need to name a car...

    I've called mine a Plymouth, and a few other names, not suitable to post on this forum, when it drew blood and contusions restoring it.
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    William Post won't be down for his Pop Tart breakfast

    A guy involved with making pop tarts lived to 96; guess I'll keep eating them...
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    New Here Old MOPAR Guy

    Welcome from a fellow WI-nite. Look forward to seeing some photos of your car.
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    Needle color

    You will probably find it there, think I bought the paint at Hobby-Lobby; lots of nifty stuff for detailing work.
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    Needle color

    I used this. Has brush applicator. Reduce the caffeine and do a rehearsal on application to get a feel for smooth consistent application before doing the needles. MO
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    Convertible quarter panel question

    Body stiffening for verts, spot-welded. As such, didn’t mess with trying to remove them during restoration I did in prep for later body work/paint. This is a CA car never seeing salt; but there were a couple spots needing cut out and pieces welded back in, one of them was along a section L-side...
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    Engine oil questions

    I get to drive my '63 1200 miles or so each season, change it every spring when I'm waking it up after a winter sleep. Having solid lifters I use hi-zinc oil VR-1 10/30. Ran 20/50 for awhile finding it wasn't necessary having goofy high oil pressure and along the read about higher vis motor...