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  1. Jerry Hall

    Happy Birthday eldubb440

    Best Wishes for a special day.
  2. Jerry Hall

    Some photo's of my '78 Fury.

    Welcome from Alabama, nice find.
  3. Jerry Hall

    speedo gear

    More teeth. Somewhere on this site is a chart, by tire diameter and gear ratio. I can't seem to locate mine right now.
  4. Jerry Hall

    Long time listener, first time caller

    Welcome from Alabama, good luck with your search. Both my 66 and 67 Gen III swaps were done before much specifically designed items were available. If you can't find what you are looking for, make your own, it's not rocket science. On the electronics side most everything out there applies across...
  5. Jerry Hall

    Should I sell these engine parts?

    I see no reason to retain them with the car, as the car isn't matching numbers. You stated that they would not return to the car, so the decision should be easy.
  6. Jerry Hall

    WTB WANTED: OEM Mopar 2951666 intake manifold

    I have the 301 intake. It's your second choice, so let me know.
  7. Jerry Hall

    Thanks for the add! '68 Roadrunner 440 up in Northern California

    Welcome from Alabama, you have a great start to make it what you want.
  8. Jerry Hall

    Osborne '65 Satellite

    Welcome from Alabama, @Budnicks is correct, we need better pictures for sure, and the associated information would tell what it left the factory with.
  9. Jerry Hall

    Happy Birthday to Jerry Hall!

    Thanks for the compliment, but I have seen many others cars here on the forum and a little envy goes both ways. There are plenty of great people and fantastic cars here.
  10. Jerry Hall

    Happy Birthday to Jerry Hall!

    Many Thanks to all. Best wishes for everyone to have a great day and if you're in the neighborhood come on by.
  11. Jerry Hall

    happy to be here! From Coaldale, Alberta, Canada

    Welcome from Alabama, the early B's are the coolest.
  12. Jerry Hall

    New to the forum.

    Welcome from Alabama, the best information out there is here, and many of us own the complete alphabet of Mopars.
  13. Jerry Hall

    Some Dreams DO Come true...

    Welcome from Alabama, great story, and so glad you have the blast from the past making you happy.
  14. Jerry Hall


    Welcome from Alabama, from another one stuck in the 67 mode. I love my 66-67's, and others along the way. All Mopars.
  15. Jerry Hall

    Howdy. New member with 70 Charger RT

    Welcome from Alabama, complete restoration or not, they can be driven and still look great.
  16. Jerry Hall

    Hello all, new member from NYC

    Welcome from Alabama, great to see a restoration well underway.
  17. Jerry Hall

    New member intro

    Welcome from Alabama
  18. Jerry Hall

    Core support paint question.

    The black out behind the grill is just supposed to cover the grill area, but some got more than others.
  19. Jerry Hall

    Hi, I'm the "Daddy" to my wife's first car, her '67 Belvedere 2 383 4bbl.

    Welcome from Alabama, 66-67 B bodies are great.