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  1. BeatersRus

    Does anyone know much about the story and the car.

    i think ? they are referring to a famous story of a hemi car racing some chevy down in nyc,way bitd. i vaguely recall it,and it Was a great story. it was printed in one of the magazines,long time ago. that vid tho,is nothing more than a bunch of clips thrown together.
  2. BeatersRus

    LA intake on a 360 magnum

    keep in mind that your weight/balancing act is on the Ring wheel/flexplate on the magnum motor NOT the torque convertor. so you just need to use the one that came With the 360,and slightly Oblong 1 hole for the offset on the Stock vertor already in your car. trick,take flexplate off 360 note...
  3. BeatersRus

    Barn finds?

    R & R salvage is somewheres close by " According to the video description, “much of this came out of R&R Salvage and cars that they parted through the decades. Some were barn finds, others rescued from junkyards or farms.”
  4. BeatersRus

    Ripped off on a car purchase by a member

    phone number leads directly back to same guy,same firebird,etc etc. also shows some interesting stuff,like he was a member of Ebodies as well.
  5. BeatersRus

    Ripped off on a car purchase by a member

    lmao Look @ the feedbacks..they are all from him buying stuff and hey theres Repeat buys from the same sellers over and over and over again. you can actually see the pattern and how hes raised his feedback rating. nothing shady there......... for those of you who like to google......and wonder...
  6. BeatersRus

    Ripped off on a car purchase by a member

    does that link work for anyone else? i cant get it to load ? also,its been years,what was the outcome ?? did the scumbag get arrested or go free and still scamming everyone ?
  7. BeatersRus

    rebuilt 318 knock noise around 2500

    sounds like you do indeed have a loose rod bearing and you should probably check it before a rod drops itself. im not comfortable with " i think the noise goes away but i cant tell because i have loud exhaust." have you tried the old trick of using a piece of wood/dowel or handle to...
  8. BeatersRus

    WTB 8.75 axle

    i have a late 69/early 70 housing here,with a single track chunk still in it. unfortunately,im in western ny 14560. might could pallet it thru Fastenal. just a thought,if you cant find one local. Good Luck as well !!
  9. BeatersRus

    FOR SALE 1967 belvedere? rear trim panel

    there is a part number on those 2 " cups " for the lightbulbs and lenses there,thats about it. its deffo never been on a car,but i feel? like its newer than nos because of the roughness of the 2 circles and the cutout for the trunk key on the inside of the panel. can you flip yours over and see...
  10. BeatersRus

    FOR SALE 1967 belvedere? rear trim panel

    hmm,the edit isnt working for me so please allow me to add the following. this panel is for a 1967 Belvedere 2 car. i am setting the price at 200 plus shipping,due to the advice of several people. TY for your advice as well. if you can use this,please lmk and well get her done.
  11. BeatersRus

    Boy has the Mighty Mopar market taken a "dive"?

    a bit off topic sortas,but did anyone see that Amc cop car javelin that Dennis Collins sold at Mecum ? >>>> that car spent a grand total of 20 Seconds onstage...!! drove on,shut off,bidding started and was Immediately pushed off before bidding even peaked. only brought 48k,and the auctioneer...
  12. BeatersRus

    FOR SALE 1967 belvedere? rear trim panel

    hey folks,im currently doing a cleanout on an old mopar guys place,and this came out of one of the sheds. it Looks ?? like a repop because its so new? please look at the pics and Correct me if im wrong. i tried looking them up,found a coupla dinged up ones on ebay for close to 400. i have no...
  13. BeatersRus

    Hoovie buys a Superbird

    on one of the recent VinWiki vids,they did a hoovie episode and the comments section was eye opening. Massive amounts of people were talking about their personal experiences and how shady he really is. i joined in and added our exp with him here,i was polite and simply related how he acted...
  14. BeatersRus

    California Bans Chrome Plating! WTF!

    i understand the political rule,but i gotta say,its kinda sad that everyone else gets their say, some of which is necessary to Describe calis state of affairs right now to be On Topic. but hey delete mine cause the rules apply to everyone right,even tho i was saying the Same things. smh...thanks...
  15. BeatersRus

    your opinion please - just received my restored headlight motor

    i ask you this Respectfully,would it take you or your shop 3 hours to " restore " that barrel ?
  16. BeatersRus

    SOLD Looking for a 9" Ford differential with 28 spline side gears.

    i did a cleanout a long time ago had a bunch of that,we saved 2 chunks and various assorted pieces to make another. i have no idea if they were 28 or 31 spline,ill have to scope them out. if i have what you want,pay the shipping and its yours,fair warning they are Quite heavy.
  17. BeatersRus

    Hoovie Buys an Alleged "Survivor" 1968 Charger R/T

    funny that you should mention Freddy,as he posted one of the most honest vids ive ever seen last nite. seems like hes tired of the game,and is almost burned out. " i wasnt happy " " it was stressing me out " sad part was,out of the 3 of them,freddy was the only one who actually Worked on his own...
  18. BeatersRus

    1972 Plymouth Satellite (electric)

    it does give you Hope,for the future of Our cars. esp if they keep on with banning gas vehicles. at least youd still be able to drive it legally and enjoy it. plus,suddenly all those parts car could become viable again,as the body is what you would be after primarily for the swap. for those who...
  19. BeatersRus

    Tachometer Rallye style 74 Roadrunner

    by 74,pretty much everything was Electronic ignition,so id be more apt to ask if theres a resistor missing in your application. try asking Halifaxhops here on the forum. ( probably spelled that wrong,sorry )