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    SOLD 68-69 A/B body 3-spoke Steering Wheel & 70 horn pad OEM

    I need the pad adapter if you decide to split it up? Thanks
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    WTB 1970 charger rear finish panel clips

    I need 6 finish panel clips for my 70 charger. All help appreciated Thanks
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    WTB 1970 charger rear finish panel moulding clips

    I need 6 clips for 1970 charger rear finish panel clips. All help appreciated Thanks
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    WTB 1970 charger rear finish panel moulding clips

    I need 6 factory clips that hold the rear finish panel on a 70 charger. All help appreciated Thanks
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    Does a 1968 and 1970 charger have the same rear seat frames?

    Does 68 and 70 charger have the same rear seat frames? Thanks
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    WTB Centerforce DF810739 clutch

    If it were 10.5 i would do it but it 11 inch. Thanks
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    WTB Centerforce DF810739 clutch

    I need a 10.5 inch 18 spline clutch set up for 70 up 10.5 bellhousing. Centerforce says df810739 should work. All help appreciated Thanks
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    WTB Rear seat covers 1970 charger

    I am looking for a set of black rear seat covers for a 1970 Dodge Charger part number MB 741 100 From legendary interiors. If anybody could help me out with this it would be greatly appreciated . Thank you
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    Is small block 11" bell housing

    I was just wondering if they make a regular small block 11" bellhousing I don't want one of the Lakewood type blow proof ones. Dont want to cut the floor. Al help appreciated Thanks
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    New hemi stick transmission in 71 up b or e body

    Can you put a regular shifter in a new 6 speed manual transmission ? I want to use a 6 speed manual transmission out of a new scat pet car in a 74 challenger. I want to put a shift your handle in it and was wondering if you could do that Other than the factory setup. Also would that...
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    WTB 70 to 74 challenger drivers AMD quarter panel and oem deck lid

    I need a drivers amd quarter for 70 to 74 challenger perfer 74. I know they are different but they will work. Also need a rust free deck lid for 74 challenger. Closer to chicago area the better . All help appreciated Thanks
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    American Racing VN501

    What back spacing did you use? Is 5 1/4 on a 17 inch wheel too .uch for the front?and 4 3/4on the rear ok? Thanks
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    6.4 Hemi into 1974 challenger

    I wouldn't have thought you could get a 727 hooked up to a 6.4 will see if i can find a adapter.
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    6.4 Hemi into 1974 challenger

    I want to put a 6.4 into my 74 challenger but dont want to cut the floor up. Is there a transmission option that will work without cutting it up? Auto perfered but stick would be great too. All help appreciated Thanks
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    SOLD 1970 Charger Legendary Brand new frt and rear door panels

    Are they black or charcoal? Thanks Harry
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    Holley Rev 500 look a like rims

    Has anyone put a set of these in their charger? They look good in the pictures just wondering what you thought about them? Thanks all help appreciated
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    1970 charger seat belt locations

    My car had no belts when i bought it. It is bucket seat with overhead lap belts. Just received new belt but not for sure of placement of them. Anyone have a diagram? Thanks
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    WTB 1970 charger legendary rear seat covers

    I need black legendary rear seat covers for 1970 charger. All help appreciated. Long shot i know. Thanks