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  1. Steve009

    64 Fury Torq Thrust Wheel / Tire Size question

    I would go 15” but that’s simply because I don’t like anything larger. Stick with straight spoke torq thrusts. The D series with curved spokes are corvette wheels and look strange on our early b bodies. For a regular cruiser I’d go 15x7 in the back and 15x6 in the front. If you want big meats in...
  2. Steve009

    Cooper Cobra Tires??

    Copper has really stepped up their game over the last few years. Great range of tires now.
  3. Steve009

    1965 Plymouth Belvedere rims and tires help

    Agree with vintage torque thrusts upfront! Best look for a 65!
  4. Steve009

    Magnesium Wheel Colo(u)r?

    So is old magnesium not safe to use? Too brittle?
  5. Steve009

    Magnesium Wheel Colo(u)r?

    If it’s the shop I’m thinking of in NorCal then yes I’ve contacted him. Over $3k for a pair of front runners. Just not in the budget for me.
  6. Steve009

    Magnesium Wheel Colo(u)r?

    I had no idea they coated the magnesium wheels. Makes sense if they corroded so fast. Thanks for the insight. I may get them powder coated in that colour to mimic the old ones. Thanks!
  7. Steve009

    Magnesium Wheel Colo(u)r?

    So I got a good deal on a pair of American racing-ish 15x7 wheels that resemble those from the early 60s that many of the super stocks and AFX cars used. They are just aluminum Chinese made things so I not worried about playing with them a little. I’d like to make them look like old magnesium...
  8. Steve009

    Cheater Slicks

    I run cheater slicks (radirs) on my 64 Plymouth on the street. Even been on a 3 hour drive with them on the highway. Completely fine and I have 4” wide 7.10-15 front runners as well. Worth it for the look buy ya not a drop of rain or you are done!
  9. Steve009

    Why BF Goodrich

    If anyone likes tall bias front runners, their silvertowns are awesome. Have them on my 64. Look cool and for bias they decent to drive on. Just don't turn! Haha
  10. Steve009

    17" rim in the front 15" in rear?

    Early 60s b bodies ran 16" in the front and 15" in the rear. 16" steelies were off studabakers I believe. Here is a pic from bob Mosher. 17" may be a little much but honestly if you think it looks cool then who cares what we think.
  11. Steve009

    Aftermarket rims on 66 satellite

    I looked into the v45 at one point. Nice rim. Bob mosher used them on a few of his superstocks so they must be good. Also have a look at ET wheels vintage V or classic V. I ended up choosing the vintage v. Super nice and good quality.
  12. Steve009

    7.10-15 on 4"???

    Dammit just ordered a pair from Coker this morning...
  13. Steve009

    7.10-15 on 4"???

    quick question: can 7.10-15 bias tires mount on 4" wide rims? Coker recommends 5-5.5" rim width but I'd like a taller tire on my 4" wide rims.
  14. Steve009

    Ansen Top Eliminator vs Torq Thrust

    Ya those look pretty damn nice and the price is right! Smallest I saw was 15x7. I'm looking for 15x4 or x4.5 for the front. Maybe I'll give them a call. Thanks!
  15. Steve009

    Ansen Top Eliminator vs Torq Thrust

    Hey Everyone, I was wondering what wheel currently in production would be the closest match to the ansen top eliminator? Some of the american racing torq thrust wheels look close. Are any a perfect copy? I definitely want something good quality as well. im going for that nostalgia look but...