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  1. Steve009

    WTB 64 Chrome Valve Covers

    Looking for a set of chrome valve covers for 64 sport fury. These came on the street wedge and AMD repopped them for a while. Currently out of stock at AMD but wondering if anyone had a set they would sell. Looking for close to mint or mint condition. Picture below for the correct 64 covers.
  2. Steve009

    WTB 69 coronet vinyl top trim

    Hi, looking for the trim that goes along the b piller of a 69 coronet dividing the vinyl top and the body. Would like it to be minty. Let me know if you have them and want to sell. Thanks, -Steve
  3. Steve009

    WTB 63-65 wheel housing rear left outer

    Finally managed to find some quarter panels for my car but now realize I need a rear left (drivers) outer wheel housing. AMD made them for a while but willing to use good used sheet metal as well. They should be the same for 63-65 b body Plymouth and dodge. Not sure if a 4 door is the same but...
  4. Steve009

    WTB 64 “Sport Fury” Letters

    Looking for the “sport fury” block letters for a 1964 Plymouth that go under the trim at the back of the rear quarter. Specifically looking for the FURY portion. Just realized a chunk of the Y in FURY is missing on mine. I’m willing to rechrome it so as long as it’s in good shape and nothing...
  5. Steve009

    WTB 64 quarter panels

    Sorry moderators! Posting this in the wanted section now. Looking for 1964 2 door Belvedere rear quarters. I know amd stopped making these but hoping to find a set (or one side at a time). Willing to use original sheet metal off a donor or parts car if in good shape. I’m in Canada but can work...
  6. Steve009

    WTB 64 sport fury trunk emblem

    Looking for a 64 sport fury side piece of the red/white/blue emblem on the trunk. The center piece blends into the trunk spear so not that one. I believe the left or the right one are identical so one of those (like in pic). Would prefer a fairly minty one that doesn’t have to be rechromed...
  7. Steve009

    WTB Moroso Tach

    looking for a 1970s 4” moroso mechanical tach and gold anodized mount bracket.
  8. Steve009

    WTB 1964 Plymouth heater delete plate

    Looking for the heater delete plate for my 64 Plymouth. As seen in the pic below. Shipping to Canada (K2l3z2). Fingers crossed in drivers condition. Thanks, -Steve
  9. Steve009

    WTB 1964 383 air cleaner

    looking for the correct satin black air cleaner for my 64 Plymouth 383. Can be seen in the Nick's garage link below or the picture. Must have the CAP nipple to attach to breather cap. Shipped to Canada. http://www.nicksgarage.com/aircleaner.htm If anyone knows if they repop these I'd buy new.
  10. Steve009

    WTB A100 van steel rims- super stock

    Looking for A100 15x5.5" steel rims with the 10" hub cap ring. Going for the super stock look on my 64 fury. Pretty sure these were from pre 1967. Let me know if you have a pair!
  11. Steve009

    WTB 64 sport fury/belvedere grill

    looking for a grill for my 64 sports fury. Doesn't have to be perfect because it is going to be cut for a moon tank. Ideal scenario would be wrecked on one side and mint on the other (corner collision or something). If anyone knows an aftermarket company that repops these please let me know as I...