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  1. Steve009

    Trim Restoration

    Hi Guys, I’m having my car painted over the winter so I think it’s time to have some of the Sport Fury trim restored on my 64. My question, what are the options for restoring that anodized looking finish on the side trim, grill, headlight bezels, etc. It’s not chrome obviously but to bring it...
  2. Steve009

    64/65 Hardtop Rear Glass

    I’m getting my 64 Plymouth HT painted over the winter and would like to replace the windshield while I am at it. Managed to get one of those but now I’m thinking of replacing rear glass or at least taking it out to paint and put in a new gasket. Just in case I mess this all up, does any company...
  3. Steve009

    Tow Tab ideas

    anyone here have tow tabs on their 64 Plymouth b body? I’d like to make a set and I’m looking for examples/ideas of how others have made this work swooping under the front bumper. Any ideas or templates are much appreciated.
  4. Steve009

    64 Sport Fury Steering Wheel Price?

    i purchased my 64 Sport Fury a few years back. Some things on the car are not all “sport fury”. For example the steering wheel is from a Belvedere instead. I’m not in a rush because there are a million other projects but one day I’d like to swap it out for the correct SF steering wheel. I came...
  5. Steve009

    Super shifter in a 64?

    I have been trying to find a hurst super shifter for my 64 Plymouth sf. All I can find are 1965+ and most are “competition plus” models. Do they make super shifters with the straight linkage rods for 1964 b bodies? My linkage is all worn out and I figured it’s time to upgrade. A link or advice...
  6. Steve009

    Sport Fury Golden Commandos

    has anyone ever seen one of these? My 64 is a sport fury but I don’t recall ever seeing the golden commandos portion of this emblem on any car? Any insight? Was this a factory option?
  7. Steve009

    64 max wedge 4 speed, rare?

    interested to hear some opinions on this. A guy near me has a 64 plymouth sport fury hardtop max wedge 4 speed (black on black, killer!). If these are the real factory options (426 max wedge, 4 speed) this must be super rare right? Anyone have ideas of what this kind of car goes for in today's...
  8. Steve009

    Air shocks enough?

    seeing what the general opinion is here. will a good set of air shocks such a highjackers be enough to lift the rear of a 64 fury? or will I need some superstock springs as well? im cranking the torsion bars up in the front and hope the air shocks can handle the rear. thoughts?
  9. Steve009

    Street wedge air cleaner repop

    anybody know if there is a company that repops the 426 street wedge air cleaner from 1964 like in the pic beLow? Interested in one but can see myself paying crazy money for a original one. does
  10. Steve009

    Hemi lightweight grill

    anybody know a shop that has the know how to make hemi lightweight grills for 64/65 Plymouths/dodges? I'm not in a hurry or anything but I just want to know if someone out there does this?
  11. Steve009

    383 engine turquoise paint

    Can anyone tell me which of these two 383 engine colours are correct for 1964? The heads in the car are a darker colour and the valve covers I just got are lighter. Both guys stated they used period correct turquoise but they both can't be right! See the picture and what are your thoughts?
  12. Steve009

    2 colour steel rims- why?

    so a few buddies and I have been trying to figure out this 2 colour steel rim thing from the drag cars of the early 60s. If you don't know what I mean I'm referring to the rims being painted half and half two different colours (see pics). The ramchargers did it along with many others. Does...
  13. Steve009

    Cheater Slicks!

    just got my Radir 15x8.2 cheater slicks in today! Can't wait for this damn Canadian winter to be over so I can mount them. On that note, I'm still looking for some pre-67 15x5.5 steel mopar wheels if anyone has a pair (A100 van type).
  14. Steve009

    Advice- cheater slicks on 64 fury

    does anyone know how wide radir cheater slicks I can get on my stock 64 sport fury without any modifications? I want to use black 15" steelies. The guy at Radir thinks the 7.75-15 will fit no problem but the 8.2-15 may be tight. Anyone know if the 8.2 fit? Also what width/offset rim if anyone...