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  1. Steve009

    Trickflow trackheat or performer rpm intake?

    ive used both. both are great intakes. if you are 98% on the street, the RPM will be fantastic as you probably wont be using your max HP anyways and the dual plane will help with the low cruising speeds. I kept my trickflow on my 470 because im stubborn and even though im 100% street...
  2. Steve009

    Haggerty article about waning collector car values.

    I think haggerty is a little full of it. Personal opinion is the international market will keep this hobby alive and kicking for a long time. The market has always gone up and down depending on what’s popular but some of the shows in places like japan and Sweden are incredible. Now that the...
  3. Steve009


    aint that the truth!!!
  4. Steve009

    Frustrated dad

    Drove my bike into my dads 71 demon 340. We’ve all been kids and have done stupid **** but I feel for you.
  5. Steve009

    Adjustable Pinion snubbers

    This is a really good explanation of when to use them and when to not
  6. Steve009

    Header bolts leaking fluid

    I use a good amount of thread sealer and bolts. Never had problems but I could see how studs would just be the more secure option.
  7. Steve009

    Mancini Racing?

    I’ve ordered from them. Terrible with email replies but great on the phone.
  8. Steve009

    Black B pics !

    Black mopars matter! 64s especially :p
  9. Steve009

    winter storage

    From my experience cold doesn’t hurt anything, moisture does. We all store are cars here in Ottawa, Canada, and mostly in non-heated garages. I’ve seen a few guys do it in non-vented areas and the moisture will flash rust things and also sometimes ruins interiors. Add a bottle of stable...
  10. Steve009

    906 Heads

    Another thing to consider if you don’t already have the 906 heads are the edelbrock e streets. By the time you buy the heads, rebuild them, and have someone port them really well, the e streets aren’t a huge jump in price for decent aluminum heads. I’ve been debating them for a while.
  11. Steve009

    906 Heads

    Sorry I meant 68 -906 heads
  12. Steve009

    906 Heads

    Yes I have 69 906 heads off a roadrunner on my 64 block
  13. Steve009

    3:55 or 3:23?

    I'd go 3.55. I just took my 3.23 out of my 64 (383, 4speed). with my 29" tall tire it was a dog. when I had the smaller tires (27" I think) the 3.23 wasn't bad but I think the 3.55 is the perfect balance between highway and givenr' light to light. I just put in 4.10s today and cant wait to test...
  14. Steve009

    3 B-Bodies, what to choose from...

    Ditch the 70 bee for sure, two others are way too awesome
  15. Steve009

    hood scoop

    I taped off my entire hood then cut the hole with a cutting wheel and jig saw. Scariest thing I've ever done but thank got no mistakes! I cut a large piece of foam the same size as my air cleaner (or multiple air cleaners for your 6 pack) covered it in wet orange spray paint and then placed it...
  16. Steve009

    Engine Quiz

    Aka a potato launcher! Piece of PVC pipe with some butane behind a potato, light a match and boom! Flying spuds over the cottage lake haha
  17. Steve009

    Engine Quiz

    If you don't get near perfect on this good luck owning, maintaining, or fixing an old b body!
  18. Steve009

    I hate that I even had to do this

    That's hilarious MacGyver
  19. Steve009

    To header or not?

    Touching on the Doug's vs TTi again I really can't find a difference. I'm debating the 2 brands for my 383 right now and from everything I read I can't find anything saying TTi actually offers a better quality/performing/fitting header. For the price difference I think it's just a brand loyalty...
  20. Steve009

    Original drawings and concepts...

    seriously **** FIAT do not give them back!