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  1. Steve009

    Low deck maxwedge.

    Indy is the only one I know. Looked into this for a while as well.
  2. Steve009

    nos 426 440 block s

    Paying attention to this one. Max wedge NOS 64 426 block? Sounds lovely!
  3. Steve009

    Hood scoops did they help!?!?

    On low profile hood scoops like the max wedge or the hemi scoops in the early 60s you are basically just giving the engine bay another way to eliminate some heat. It has been shown the there is too much turbulence near the front of the hood for the air to ram in through those thin slots. Much...
  4. Steve009

    No more black wheels

    Looks really good! Love the colour choice.
  5. Steve009

    Pictures of hood scoops 1963-1968

    Both the max wedge and hemi hood factory scoops look good on 64! Whatever you like! 64/65 hemi scoops were different from 66/67 just to remember (curved versus flat back). I like the slim lines of the hemi scoop on mine.
  6. Steve009

    448 Cubic Inch Trick Flow build

    Looking forward to hearing power numbers for this
  7. Steve009

    1964 Big block gets new paint

    As long as we are cruising in 62-65 mopars that’s all that’s matters! I like them all! A 64 dodge is awesome. Why style are you going? Super stock, stock, pro touring?
  8. Steve009

    1964 Big block gets new paint

    I have the same intake on my 383 and it was definitely a point of debate between my dad and I whether to paint it or not (me for, he against). I ended up painting mine but either way they look awesome. Eddy did a nice job on looks and function with that one.
  9. Steve009

    1964 Big block gets new paint

    You ever consider painting the intake as well? I love the all stock kinda sleeper look but that’s just me. Engine looks great!
  10. Steve009

    B Body wheelwell headers

    Doug's makes some nice fenderwell headers for B bodies
  11. Steve009

    Can't win a round to save my life!

    At least you are racing man! Good on you! I'm just a street cruiser so I have much respect! It ain't easy or cheap to race!