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  1. SDCoronet

    1973 Dodge Charge Speedometer cable help

    I know this is not a direct answer to your question, but I recommend you remove it first, then take it to a local speedometer shop if you are lucky enough to have one nearby. When I had my cluster restored, the shop I went to informed me that they make custom speedo cables. The custom ones were...
  2. SDCoronet

    Borgeson steering box install onto QA1 K member

    You will have to loosen (possibly remove) the 2 bolts on the column floor collar (and maybe the 4 floor column bolts) for install and adjustment, then tighten after everything is assembled approximately where you want it.
  3. SDCoronet

    Borgeson steering box install onto QA1 K member

    On my car (orig K member) the borg steering box is a little offset similar to yours. I believe it is the norm and does not seem to be a problem.
  4. SDCoronet

    Cragar SS unilug question

    Just curious, why did you go with Uni lug instead of the direct drill (61c) versions?
  5. SDCoronet

    Pic Request - 66-67 Coronet hardtop side glass weatherstrip

    Hey guys, I'm the process of putting my car back together. I cant seem to get the reinstalled front and rear glass and new softseal channel rubber to all align. Can someone with an original car post some close-up pics of the glass/weatherstrip interface similar to the ones I have below. Thanks...
  6. SDCoronet

    14" Cragar what are these worth ? maybe sell em off

    Not related to the sale, but would like to see a pic of your car with the new wheels.
  7. SDCoronet

    66 Coronet Radio Questions

    Sounds like it may be working and the speaker(s) and/or antenna is not connected. Found this video on youtube. Maybe this guy converted your radio.
  8. SDCoronet

    WTB Original hardware(screws) that attaches upper interior chrome strips on door and back quarter area

    If you don't find any, I would recommend taking a trip to home depot. I am in the process of putting these back in my car now, and I had some missing screws. For the rears, I BELIEVE the screws were round head. I purchased some similar screws from home depot and they worked fine. For the...
  9. SDCoronet

    Window Run Channel

    I used those Mopar repos that look identical to those ebay ones. The white guides did not work well at all so I sanded them down a little bit, removing material until I got the windows to come up and down in a mostly acceptable manner. I didn't re-use my originals because I would have had to do...
  10. SDCoronet

    You're given a million dollars. Car/cars or house?

    I would dump it all into costco stock. Then live off the dividends, giving my employer the finger. (I would have to check the math first, of course)
  11. SDCoronet

    She gone

    LOL. Yes total miss-click. So damn funny! :rofl:
  12. SDCoronet

    Saginaw Pump Question

    I needed a pump with brackets and found one cheap on ebay. Then I rebuilt it with a rebuild kit. I saved lots of money, and the original parts fit perfectly.
  13. SDCoronet

    Tires Are Not What they Once Were.

    WTF? Some people must have died on these things recently. They begging for a billion dollar lawsuit.
  14. SDCoronet

    SOLD Parting 67 Coronet R/T

    No, I'm hoping they are standard stainless 67 wipers in good condition.
  15. SDCoronet

    SOLD Parting 67 Coronet R/T

    Any update on these (wipers)? Thanks.
  16. SDCoronet

    The hot tub saga. Don't do it.

    In researching these 20+ years ago, this was exactly the type of comments I was reading online. I remember reading that one possible solution was to disconnect the electric heater and installing a separate natural gas pool heater. I never actually when thru with buying one because after I...
  17. SDCoronet

    SOLD Parting 67 Coronet R/T

    What condition are the stainless wipers in? Thanks.