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    70 Hemi Superbird Restoration..................errr.....scratch that........

    Hey, Hemirunner I understand the " not so hot at the track " years ago my drag car was a 67 GTX on the road in front of my house it would scare you and at the track some little something would mess up that you could literally raise the hood and fix It was a 14 to 1 compression and high 10...
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    BJ 2004. Hemi Superbird in brochure

    Anyone know if the Hemi Superbird is a real Hemi car: or if it is a real deep burnt orange Superbird? Wayne
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    Street Racing Confession(s)

    Don`t get me started! I have street raced at least 500 times. During the 70`s till mid 80`all in Mopars. I can`t remember having just one car. I`ll tell just one story, though. There was a young man from two hours away who worked for a grocery chain who was in town for a week filling in for...
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    I was contacted by Mopar Muscle Cars a few weeks ago.

    Very nice car Linden. I am proud of you. One of my 67 GTX`s made Hot Rod digital in 2018 even after it had gone way down hill and no drive train. Wayne
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    New Tool Purchases

    Oh. I forgot that I have Klein tools for electrical work, They hold up pretty good to cut { demo } live wires. Wayne
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    New Tool Purchases

    Not familiar with that brand; but being German I`m sure that they exceed my Snap-On. Waynr
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    3.23 or 3.55, this is the question

    With the information you have given, I recommend 3.55. This will meet your needs. Wayne
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    How Unusual? Buckets/ Buddy Seat In A 4-Door

    I ran Thrush on my RoadRunner back in the day. Sure sounded better than those CherryBombs that everyone else had. Wayne
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    WIW 1970 Road runner burnt

    I never went to Freeman`s or Timberlane`s but were they bigger than Ron Slobe`s yard was in Missouri? Wayne
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    Rear frame rail replacement - advice needed

    Since you are the one asking for advice, here goes; I am a retired welder; highest cert. o'' to unlimited thickness, pressure vessel. and as a Mopar restorer I see so many challenges in the pictures that you show that I am sure that you do not know where to start and are unskilled to perform...
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    SOLD 1969 wood grain Shifter Ball Brand New

    Rob, I am delighted to announce the arrival of the shifter ball. It was sent on the 9th by USPS First Class with a tracking number and very well packaged too. This is for my R4 A12 RR. Thanks, Wayne
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    SOLD 1969 wood grain Shifter Ball Brand New

    kiwigtx, I`ll post it here so that everyone will know.Wayne
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    SOLD 1969 wood grain Shifter Ball Brand New

    Hi Rob, Hope that you are alright. No response to my email that I sent saying that pay pal sent you the money on August 30 th it came out of my bank account Sept 1 and I have not received the shifter ball yet? Wayne
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    SOLD 1969 wood grain Shifter Ball Brand New

    I`ll take it. PM to follow. Wayne
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    70 Hemi Superbird Restoration..................errr.....scratch that........

    Just found my update notice on this thread. I know all about carpal tunnel. About 18 years ago. the Surgeon wanted to do an experimental operation on me. I opted not to. Then the pain/rehab Doctor told me something that cured me. Try to keep my wrist bent up as much as possible, not bent down. I...
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    FOR SALE NOS Fram CA332 6 pk. air filters

    Do you have any CA332`s left? Thanks. Wayne
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    B Body stiffening

    Darius, Most complicated build that I have ever seen. My favorite part is the blue underneath. Congratulations, Wayne
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    Derwud's 70 Charger R/T build.

    Derwud, You do pretty good for an old guy. It took all week for me to read 13 pages of your wonderful project. Keep up the good work. Wayne
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    68-70 Convertible Spare Tire Location

    Thank you. Did they get anything other than stock painted wheels?
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    68-70 Convertible Spare Tire Location

    Also, thought that only E Bodies got the space saver spare? Wayne